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Last updated: January 06, 2020

Margot Robbie’s Textured Waves

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Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Chanel gown? Check. Textured waves courtesy of celeb stylist Bryce Scarlett (@brycescarlett)? Double check. When it comes to red carpets, actress Margot Robbie is nothing if not consistent—and we love her for it because she slays every time. 🔥Because clients can’t get enough of her signature lived-in waves, we’re sharing how to recreate this super on-trend style in the steps below!


Style Notes: “I wanted her hair to have a slept-in textured soft waves look to complement her bold and modern Chanel gown,” shared Bryce.


Artist: Bryce Scarlett
Manufacturer: Moroccanoil, @moroccanoilpro

Products Used



Start by applying a dime-sized amount of Moroccanoil® Treatment Light to damp hair to create the ideal foundation for styling.


Then, apply Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse at the roots and a pea-sized amount of Moroccanoil® Blow Dry Concentrate at the ends.


Spray Moroccanoil® Perfect Defense to protect the hair from heat damage, then begin to blow the hair out with a 2-inch round brush for a smooth, full-bodied finish.


Then, create a few large braids and run a flat iron over them to create S-waves.


Release the braids, brush the hair out, then use a flat iron to soften the waves around the face frame and crown.


Break up the waves with your fingers, then spray Moroccanoil® Dry Texture Spray generously throughout the hair while keeping the arch around the face frame.


Apply Moroccanoil® Mending Infusion at the ends of the hair for a silky finish.


Then, spray Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Medium throughout sections of the hair to hold the style in place.

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Finished look // Instagram via @chanelofficial

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