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Last updated: January 16, 2018

Gabriela Isler’s Faux Bob

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Get some style inspiration from 2013 Miss Universe Gabriela Isler looking stunning on the Miss Universe red carpet. The 5’ 11” Venezuelan beauty gave new meaning to the word as she dazzled in a vintage, silver art deco-inspired gown, and, more importantly, we were thrilled to see her depart (if only for a few hours!) from her customary long, flowing waves and opt for a shorter, more modern look. The one and only Albert Luiz from CHI was tasked with creating her faux bob, which had to easily flow into three different hairstyles throughout the night. Here’s Albert’s exclusive breakdown of her gorgeous look!


*By using products with a flexible hold, Albert was able to unpin Gabriela’s hair and turn it into a soft, flowing style that she showed off at the beginning of the televised production. He was even able to style a third, retro Hollywood-inspired look for the final walk!


Artist: Albert Luiz



Begin by curling the hair using the CHI Miss Universe Curling Iron in vertical sections, leaving out the front. (This was curled after the hair was rolled up into the bob.)


Set the curls with CHI Miss Universe Style Illuminate Work your Style Flexible Hair Spray.


Make a Dutch Braid at the base of the neck, from the earlobe to the nape, and secure the base of the braid with an elastic. 


Softly backcomb the surface of the hair, then slightly twist the curls into three horizontal rolls at the back and pull up/pinch the hair for a textured feel on the surface of the bob.


Pin the rolls onto the braided section. (Braids help secure pins to the nape without the need for teasing).


Rough up the sides with your hands and casually lay them to give an A-line feel to the faux bob.

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Continue with the Work your Style Hair Spray, and then mist with CHI Miss Universe Spotlight Shine Spray for added shine and hold.

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