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Last updated: January 22, 2018

How-To: Cut, Color and Style With Oils

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Among the plethora of serums and sprays on the market, oils seem to be a forgotten product to boosting your abilities behind the chair. Oils are an added benefit to any stylist’s repertoire of products, as they let you truly enhance your abilities in regards to cutting, coloring and styling while leaving your clients with stronger, softer, shinier and, most importantly, more manageable hair! Matrix Oil Wonders are derived from exotic, natural ingredients—inspired by the beauty rituals of our ancestors—that will help you whether you’re an expert cutter, stylist or colorist. Here are the reasons why Matrix celebrity stylist, George Papanikolas, believes Oil Wonders elevates your craft!


With Matrix Oil Wonders, you’ll see stronger, shinier and softer hair!


Products Used



Oil Wonders Egyptian Hibiscus Color Care Oil is formulated with the ingredient that has protected the hair and skin of Egyptians for millennia from their harsh climate, making it perfect for nourishing and shielding color-treated tresses. “This is best used after the color services as it reflects more light and gives the color additional vibrance,” explains George. “It can also be used during a REFRESH service only, and not with COLORINSDER. One to three pumps can be added to the REFRESH formula.” 


Amazonian Murumuru Controlling Oil is an essential tool to help with styling by controlling frizz and taming split ends. Murumuru has long been used to tackle the Amazon’s high humidity, so you know it’s guaranteed to tackle unruly tresses. “This oil is ideal for creating smoothness and adding control to frizzy hair in addition to softness and shine,” says George. “It tames hair for 72 hours!” 


Indian women have long used Amla oils in Ayurvedic massage as an alternative form of curative medicine. With Indian Amla Strengthening Oil, you are rejuvenating fragile hair to make it optimal for haircutting. “This oil is ideal for hair that is weak or fragile because it gives you restored strength. It is perfect for dry cutting as it gives you more control on the hair,” recommends George. However, use your discretion when debating what cuts you can do with this oil. “Overprocessed hair should avoid razor cuts,” warns George.    


You might not just be an expert cutter, colorist or stylist—you could be all three! As George recommends, these oils can be used interchangeably throughout a service to boost your finished result. “They can be used together if you want both smoothness and vibrance,” says George.


If you’re still wondering, though, what makes oils such a powerful product, George puts it simply: “Oil returns the needed moisture to the hair that we strip away with shampooing, heat styling and environmental exposure. It gives the ideal surface for controlling the hair!”

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