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Last updated: February 17, 2018

BTC EXCLUSIVE! Katy Perry’s Met Ball ‘Do

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Could This Be The Next, Short It Cut?


First things first. Full disclosure—yes, this is a wig. BUT, there’s no denying that this shape makes the already gorgeous Katy Perry even more stunning. Which leads to the question—could this haircut, done on real hair, possibly displace the pixie and the bob as the next It Cut?


The wig was created by the renowned stylist (and BTC columnist) Garren. It was one of several that he styled for a photo shoot he did with Perry (can’t tell you more right now—but stay tuned for details about THAT!) The star was so taken with this particular wig, she begged Garren to loan it to her for the Met Gala in New York. “She adored it the minute she put it on,” Garren revealed. “She really wanted to do something different for the gala. I think it was perfect for her Moschino dress!”


And why was Katy so drawn to this particular style? The proof is in the photos. “It brought all the attention to her eyes and the length of her neck and the shape of her face,” believes Garren. “Once you took away the sides and back and removed the severity by feathering the texture with the razor, it was very sexy. It locked it down. It finished the gown in a way that an updo could never do!”


Artist: Garren

Products Used


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To create the cut, Garren used a razor. He cropped the sides, back and crown, to “Mia Farrow” length, and texturized the ends heavily. He left the fringe long—to the bridge of the nose between the brows—and razored into each piece to release the texture.

“My inspiration was a cross between Elizabeth Taylor (picture her in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”) and when Linda Evangelista first cut her hair,” says Garren. “It’s sexy and gamine.”

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To style the hair, he applied R+Co Chiffon Mousse and created a wave that was somewhere between a finger-wave and a skip wave. Once it dried, he worked in R+Co Tinsel Oil to create piecey separation and shine.

So what if you want to create this cut for a real client? “It’s great on hair that has soft movement or even a bit of curl,” Garren advises. “Use a scissor and a razor—you need the razor to create the soft edges. I wouldn’t do this cut on extremely kinky, frizzy curly hair. And if you did it on super straight, fine hair, you would get a different effect—it would be more boyish, like the cut I did for Victoria Beckham.”

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