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Last updated: February 08, 2018

Bring Miss USA To Your Salon!

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So let’s be real for a second—the gorgeous Deshauna Barber, our newly crowned Miss USA from the District of Columbia, isn’t just a total babe; she’s smart, funny, and she’s a U.S. veteran—the perfect role model for young girls everywhere. And another thing she’s got on lock? That hair.


As the official hair care sponsor for the 2016 Miss USA Pageant, Farouk Systems Artist Nik Martel was responsible for creating Miss USA’s crowning look. And now? You can bring it back to your salon, so your glam girls can rock the Deshauna curl anytime they want to feel like royalty. Here’s how it’s done!


There’s more Miss USA backstage coverage, tips and tricks coming your way!


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Artist: Nik Martel

Products Used



First take a few drops of a CHI Royal Treatment Pearl Complex and evenly distribute it throughout the hair lightly with your hands and a CHI Paddle Brush. This adds moisture and shine as well as heat protection to the hair before styling.


Pro Tip: When working in an air-conditioned arena combined with a dry desert climate such as Las Vegas, moisture is key to tame flyaways and static electricity. These can be your worst enemy with HD television.


Section hair into four sections (sides, top and back) and secure with clips.


Starting in the back nape area, take a 1 1/4-inch subsection and spray both sides with BioSilk Natural Hold Hairspray. This is going to keep your set smooth, bouncy and under control while adding extra moisture and heat protection.


Using the Dura CHI 1 1/4″ Marcel Curling Iron, roll your first subsection at the bottom of the nape upwards, and clip it into place.


Using the same subsectioning technique, Dura CHI Curling Iron and BioSilk Natural Hold Hair Spray, curl the next subsection downward and clip. Keep working up to the crown in this manner rotating the direction for each subsection.


On the sides, use the same technique as at the nape. The first subsection at the bottom of the sides will be upward while the remaining will be curled downward.


Curl and pin the top section horizontally back.


Let the hair cool to room temperature before removing the pins. This is always ideal for securing a stronger curl.


After removing the clips, spray the hair lightly with CHI Royal Treatment Rapid Shine. Use an oval small style CHI Paddle Brush to gently brush out the curls and start forming into place.

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To finish, spray the hair one last time with BioSilk Natural Hold Hair Spray. This will lock in the moisture and shine while letting the hair still flow with a natural bounce.