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Last updated: March 21, 2018

Anna Kendrick’s Pitch Perfect Waves

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For her appearance at the Grammy’s, Into the Woods star Anna Kendrick chose a sleek black suit and stunning earrings for her walk down the red carpet at the Grammy’s. And for her hair, celebrity stylist Craig Gangi created loose, effortless waves. “Anna decided to war a chic, black, low cut suit, so I wanted to give her that sexy Parisian women’s hair,” notes Craig. “Hair that looks effortlessly beautiful—like it’s been unstyled, yet has a soft, touchable wave.” Here’s how to create that perfectly imperfect look.


Artist: Craig Gangi
Manufacturer: UNITE

Products Used



To start, begin by applying UNITE U Oil to damp hair. This product is amazing at repairing a damaged cuticle and making hair feel healthy again. It also creates soft weightless shine.


Then spray UNITE Boosta Spray generously over damp hair to build body and create extra texture and movement in the hair.

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Craig didn’t want to loose Anna’s natural volume so he blow-dried her hair with a vent brush, not a round brush.


After the hair is dry, curl the hair with a T3 1.25 Single Pass Twirl Iron. After curling each 1½-inch section with an iron, then comb each section out with your fingers to create that loose, effortless wave. If the curl is not loosened it could look unnatural, and you could end up with that prom-looking curl.


After hair was curled, use an extra wide-tooth comb to loosen the waves even more. Then spritz UNITE Texturiza Dry Finishing Spray, which creates even more volume and adds a nice dry texture to the hair. “I wanted to show off Anna’s stunning earring, so I swept her hair off to one side so it would be visible,” notes Craig.


Finally, lightly spray UNITE Session Max over the style to control any flyaways and keep the look in place.