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Last updated: March 22, 2018

5 Tips for a Blake Lively Blowout

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Fast-talking, high energy and funny, Matt Fugate, celebrity stylist, Sally Hershberger Downtown, NYC, is a fixture at New York Fashion Week—he has the ability to style his models quickly and keep them cool, calm and collected! His celebrity clients love his speed and vivacity, too—so he’s on-call for stars like Claire Danes and Brooke Shields, and the bouncy waves that he creates for Blake Lively are always in demand! Here are tips for achieving the luscious looks sported by the lovely Lively.


Artist: Matt Fugate
Manufacturer: CHI

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Go High-Tech. “When it comes to your dryers, go for as much technology as possible,” says Matt. “Right now, I’m using the Dura CHI, which has infrared light inside so I can dry with light rather than using too much heat. Plus, when you put the nozzle on, you see the light on the hair, which shows you how close you can get without burning the surface.”


Sticky Situations. In short, avoid them. “A lot of people think a sticky, firm hold will make a style last longer,” says Matt. “and it will for maybe a night. But if you want your blowouts to last a few days, the hair has to move. So stay away from super firm hairsprays. Texturizing sprays or dry shampoos are better choices.”


Rough-Dry with Care. Many stylists use rough-drying to remove most of the moisture from the hair before fine-tuning the blowout, but if you’re too rough, you could make your job harder. “Don’t blast the hair upward—that will raise the cuticle and cause frizz,” Matt explains. “So even when rough-drying, blow away from the roots, especially when you flip your client’s head over. Create tension with your fingers and pull on the roots to begin creating volume.”


Follow the Head Shape. The shape of the head can be your guide for a sleek, beautiful blowout and/or when drying bangs. “Skip the brush,” says Matt. “To style thick, blunt, Zooey Deschanel bangs, just turn down the heat and pull the hair straight down with your fingers, against the head.”


Dress in Layers. Apply styling products in stages, Matt advises. When you start, and the hair is wet, apply your mousse or volumizer for volume, or a styling crème for a sleek finish. Then, when the hair is 80 to 90 percent dry, add your thermal protector. “The new CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm Hold Protecting Sprayis perfect at this stage,” he says. “It’s an aerosol, so it goes on lightly and it’s not too heavy or wet. It’s a much better choice than hairspray, which could make the hair crispy and stiff.”