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      What ideas or suggestions on how you are going to re-open your salons? I’m in a small salon in California with 7 stations that are all connected. As we are able to open I’m thinking we will have to rotate schedules so that we are keeping safe distancing with other stylists and their clients but also to keep under 10 people in the salon at one time. I’m thinking of switching to only disposable capes and other items possibly even towels…..

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      marianne uvanni

      I’m sure your state health dep. will have guide lines for our industry. I live in Oneida county NY. Upstate. Monday I will be calling to ask what will be required. Thinking ahead..
      I will have signs on the door stating everyone must have a mask on to enter. As I call each client I am telling them if they Feel sick they must not come in. take there temperature before there appointment, reminding them, That we are providing a safe and clean environment so all can feel comfortable.they must also do there part. There are three of us in my salon. Our semi partitions station allow us eight to ten feet apart. My shampoo area has four sinks NOT six feet apart. I will be putting up clear plastic sheets (like shower curtain) to partition each off. its an idea.
      Still thinking how this will all work . Staying positive and hoping to hear other ideas
      Thanks for listening
      Remember the greatest generation went through hard times and got thru with a heck of a lot less medically and financially
      We can get thru this together 🙏🇺🇸

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      I feel we all should be masked and gloves of course as we service our clients. Also keep a 6 foot distance between clients and no overlapping of clients in the salon. Perhaps we will need our next set of clients to wait until the initial set have left and spray Lysol and disinfectant as each one comes and goes. I’m also planning on working a 7 day cycle, which I normally don’t, just until we are up to date with all the appointments missed.

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