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      Mary Rector-Gable

      What STATE are you in and how many CANCELLATIONS have you had?

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      Ginnie Kennedy

      Texas… only a few cancelations so far. New clients are calling the salon to see if we’re still open. I think they’re all trying to get in now before it gets worse.

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      Miranda Olin

      Ohio. No cancellations so far

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      Seattle, Washington. No cancellations and supposedly this is where it all started in the US

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        Angela Wigen

        I’m surprised and discouraged that more people aren’t staying home, especially there!

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      Teresa Schmidt

      Nebraska very few cancellations

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      Camille A Battle

      NM I have had two cancellations in the last day. Mainly clients over age 70

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      angela harke

      Dallas Texas no cancelations as of yet

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      Angela Wigen

      Wisconsin. 3 cases in my small town and zero cancellations so far.

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      IL, 1 cancellation due to a client feeling ill, 1 cancellation due to a client being stuck out of state bc of work travel ban.

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      Gale Fantry

      Seattle, WA – I have my own private studio. Last week, I had clients rescheduling to come in sooner and I was extra busy with a waitlist. This week kind of busy with 1 cancellation. Tomorrow, Saturday, only half booked (complete opposite of last Saturday). Thereafter, it does not look good. I’m planning to be closed for awhile and start getting my home salon ready…incase it hits me hard and I can no longer afford to pay rent.

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      Christina Savage Phillips

      I’m in PA and in a walk-in based salon where I have a pretty regular clientele and I’ve had more than a few people in “early” because they wanted to get in with me before we’re “forced to shut down”, or before I “get sick”.

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      Crystal Danielle Casey

      Virginia, no cancellations so far but also no bookings. Next week is completely empty

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      shannon seniour

      Indiana. No cancellations. As of now.

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      darlene Luckenbill

      Ohio, one cancellation for next week. Super busy this past week getting as many clients in as possible knowing this is going to get worse.

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      Shantel Keeley Antonelli

      My salon is In CT on the border of RI. As of today we haven’t had cancellations but all of the school districts around us just closed. Taking things day by day at this point.

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      laura jo fretwell

      Missouri, 4 cancellations this week and the next couple weeks are not filling up like they typically would.

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      Ohio and none so far. But definitely no new bookings

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      Brandy Wilkes

      I’m in Ohio and no one has cancelled yet

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      Amy Keppley

      PA. 2 cancellations. Barely any new bookings. Schools in the state have all closed for the rest of March.

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      PA. No cancellations so far. People have started talking about this more seriously since Wednesday. Next week should be interesting!

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      Esmeralda Jimenez

      CT no cancellations yet. All schools have closed for at least 2 weeks

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      Nikole Seger

      Tennessee. No cancellations, but my book is completely empty for next week. Schools just shut down yesterday, as surrounding counties have more and more cases daily. No known cases in my county yet. Thankfully with tax time, I have funds available to help with the impact of this, but as a single mom to 2, with literally no work for the next 2 weeks, this is gonna hit a lot of folks, myself included, pretty hard.

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      Dionne Ott Morris

      Oregon. I have a very busy schedule next week. No cancellations yet!

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      cece lamebull

      Oregon .. Our Barbershop has seen a downturn in walk in business but all my regulars are still keeping their appointments. We will see what the future holds ..

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      rachel lyons

      Colorado. 3 cancellations in 2 days

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      Kate Rypkema

      Michigan. 3 confirmed cases in my county (I think our state has 16 confirmed cases now). 3 cancellations last week, probably more to come tomorrow when I send out confirmation texts.

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      Brookes Monat

      Illinois no cancels yet. Just had 1 local confirmed case today. We will see how next week goes. Definitely less calls for a friday and saturday. Governor asked everyone to stay home but appts still showed.

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      madison pizer

      DC- 2 cancellations. Both had a fever. I have decided to close down for the next 2 weeks. I will reassess at the end of two weeks. While I am healthy, I could easily pass sickness to someone who is not. I would rather practice an abundance of caution rather than stay open and “wait and see”. I had a client cancel for unrelated reasons to the virus. 48 hours later she has a fever and cough. Showed no symptoms prior, but would have been a carrier. Not worth the risk to stay open ✌🏼

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        madison pizer

        As an edit – I live 900 ft from the church where the outbreak started in DC. My salon is 5 blocks from the source of outbreak. I don’t want to risk anyone’s health and chose to close.

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        Camille A Battle

        I closed today also. It is not worth it for our clients, families and ourselves. Stay healthy and safe.

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      Jessica Santo

      I’m in PA…. no cancellations at all! I’m still working! In our area tho they closed my kids schools so now my husband will be tweeting his hours to offset when I work!

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      devan young

      Utah. Summit County-Park City
      6 of us independent in a booth rent salon.
      2 of us have had only 3 total reschedules.
      1 of which is an elderly lady with pre-existing conditions choosing social distancing, and her stylist is making a house call for her as neither have any flu-like symptoms.
      Stay healthy everyone!!!
      Would love to connect on Instagram to support fellow hair artists’. @devanyounghair

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      lindsay johnston

      Central Ca no cancellations as of yet, but I am seriously thinking of calling it for awhile. No one here is taking it seriously. Around %30 of my clientele is over 55 and half of those with health problems. The spread is in every county around mine so you have to assume it has made it here. Stay safe and remember we are spreaders and I love my mom, grandma and lols too much to risk their lives.

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      Shantel Keeley Antonelli

      CT, right on border of RI. All schools are closed around us for 2 weeks or indefinitely. We have two confirmed cases in town. Hoping to work this week before we are required by government to be shut down. It is important for us to start practicing social distancing as soon as possible.

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      danielle kelly

      I live in Bergen County NJ and work in Manhattan. Our business is off by 60% – there are rumors that NYC will eventually shut down as well as Bergen County NJ.
      We need to be cautious because of community spread. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/14/health/coronavirus-asymptomatic-spread/index.html
      I’m thinking of this coming week to be my last for awhile. I am 60 + with asthma had Pneumonia in October scared the hell out of me.

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      Desaray Ortiz

      Texas, only 1 cancellation so far. 2 rescheduled to later in the week. Expecting more cancellations this week but my schedule is still pretty full.

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      maricela gonzalez

      COLORADO- no cancellations so far!

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      Candace Leal

      California, no cancellations last week. Had to send one client home because she was sick. I’ve had the next couple Saturdays blocked due to travel but that has been canceled. This week I’ve had one cancellation so far. Gearing up for the worst scenario.

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      Taeler Carroll

      Washington sate like 10 min from the first outbreaks in the US 😬 we haven’t had to many cancellations but we now might have to close temporarily.

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      Northern California. Only 1 cancellation until today. The schools and many companies are shut down and doing things remotely. People are panicked. I am in a studio and was sick myself first week of March. So a second unplanned unpaid week off is devastating.

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      Kelly Lush

      Western New York. A few cancellations last week….but over 10 so far just today.
      State has closed bars, casinos, schools, and restaurants can only deliver or takeout. Salons are closing left and right. Governor pressing for all private businesses to close or work from home. Seems like they have either forgotten our industry or ignored it…..but only a matter of time before they wake up and we’re closed too. Terrified of the financial ramifications of long term closure and that the government in general seems to have forgotten us.

      Have you all signed the petition on change.org yet???? Sign, share, ask everyone you know to do the same!


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      Illinois, I’ve had several clients cancel. And this morning in the today show they had a popular doctor. They said we should be cancelling all now essential appointments which includes hair, nail, and skin. So we will see how many clients will cancel if that opinion spreads. I do agree though. I think we should stay home unless it urgent to leave. We all need to do our part in this. We will make the money back when we start back up 🤞The problem is the people/salons that think this doesn’t pertain to them. We need to stand together here. Do no our part….

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      Paige Black

      Tennessee. Currently no one has canceled with me because of the virus. Some of the other girls at the salon I work at though have had many clients cancel. One had a client call in yesterday to cancel because a coworker of hers had been diagnosed with the virus and the client was quarantining herself for the next 2 weeks at least.

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      Marie Deady

      Washington. All salons closed for at least 2weeks now.

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      I am in NJ and we were ordered to close on 3/19 by 8pm. We were all laid off. W-2 employee. Will be able to file for unemployment. (60%) of weekly pay. No tips obviously.

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      Candace Leal

      CA, Newsome mandated non essential workers to close. Hairstylists fall into that category. A very sad day for my business partner and I. We co-own a salon suite just the two of us. It’s very frustrating because the order is indefinite. I am without pay as of yesterday. No relief order has been passed, time is just ticking away. Yet the world has not stopped I ask you why are retail stores still open is that essential? I understand grocery and some others but who needs to go shopping for luxuries at this time? I feel it’s just prolonging this process.

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