BTC STYLIST FORUM Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion What Do We Do When This Is All Over? How Are You Rebooking Clients?

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      How are you planning to rebook clients? Tell us below!

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      I’m just telling my clients I’m making a list of everyone I’m cancelling and they will be top priority to fill any openings or extra days I work once things are back to normal. This could even last until their next appointments so maybe they won’t even need to “reschedule”. Crazy times! Everyone has been very understanding – we are all in it together!

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      Sharon Espada

      How will we have to change our current ways in the salon once we are able to get back to work….? I have heard some salons will be getting rid of magazines, social distancing the stylist, booking one guest at a time…Not sure what we will need to do. Any suggestions? TIA Stylist Sharon

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      Ryan McCann

      I plan on hiring someone to take some of the load when we return. This stylist will be hourly and temporary. Probably 1 or 2 days a week for 2 months should be enough. All of my other stylists are renters. They may want to use an assistant as well.
      I also plan on taking away magazines and leaving more time between clients to sanitize more thoroughly. chair, station top, shampoo Chair. We will also be stocking up on more drapes. enough for 1 per person so no 2 people touch the same drape. Keep with the no magazines as well as spacing out the seating area 6′ or asking clients to wait in the car if it’s too crowded.
      I know its a financial hardship to hire a temporary stylist but clients will be happier to get in sooner. I’m willing to take a hit.

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