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      BTC created this resource for hairdressers around the world to connect because we heard you. We read your DMs and comments asking for a place to connect with each other to share resources and information in these bizarre times. We have always been your partner, and now, more than ever before, is a time for us to help guide you through a truly unprecedented moment in history.

      Please comment below if there are specific questions you have for BTC or if you want us to make any more forums for you to dive into other topics. We have always been here for hairdressers, and we will continue to be your partner through coronavirus. We know it’s scary, so let us know how we can help.


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      Brenda O.

      A client asked me what can I recommend from the store she purchase to do her hair at home in terms of color or toner or something because there would be a time she wouldn’t be able to come out or keep up her appointments due to this Coronavirus especially with her age.

      I told her that was a really good question but I have never used a drug store product or recommended one to any client and would not.

      Was wondering if it would be a good idea to drop off color or toner to her personally with instructions? I don’t know just a thought.

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      Leigh Gray

      I shop through cosmoprof for my salon. I told a client to visit our local Sally’s who is a sister company of the company I use and the girls there would help her.

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      I recently posted a comment in lieu of the corona virus and our industry. I think we need to stand as a community to insure our clients and even the nation and world of their safety by the safety and sanitation And infection control practices they we are suppose to be held to. We are not just an industry taking care of people’s skin hair and nails. We supply these services with the insured safety of our clients. We have at our disposal better cleaning products than the average business or at least we are suppose to. I mean every state and country is set by different standards but as a industry as a whole we are held to a more professional standard. And maybe it takes our industry to consult with our Governors and Senators and even our world leaders to set better safety and sanitation methods as a whole. I live in Virginia and out Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations mandates a standard to insure we do NOT spread communicable disease.

      As an industry we can set an example that it is better safety and sanitation and infection control practices that is the number 1 defense against the spread of communicable disease when such a crisis occurs. I mean we are going to to be affected hard by this virus and crisis if we do not do something to contribute to helping insure safety of the public

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      Im curious how we can go about getting assistance if we are self employed/ independent contractors. It feels like everywhere I’ve looked things are mentioned about every other type of employment/service industry but ours. It feels as if we have been forgotten when it comes to our safety(I know all the extra sanitation and so forth but we can’t keep a safe distance and we are still putting ourselves and others at risk) and in closing our doors being able to financially make it on our own with little cash reserve.

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        michele squeri

        Did you get any answers about unemployment for us that are business owners that are self employed?

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          Not yet, they are working on a bill right now to include self employed people but it has to be approved. I’ve followed other stylists and what they are doing is emailing their state senators and expressing how important it is for us to be included in that bill. I certainly hope it is passed.

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      Susie Schroader

      Thank you for the info you all supply. It’s great to connect with people of the same profession. I am the owner of a small 4 chair salon with independent contractors. Your website delivers wonderful info and can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated. Look forward to updates.

      Kind Regards,
      The Mane Attraction

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      Lisia Tucker

      As of Friday, you should be able to check out CARES act. This may help from INC. and the US Chamber of Commerce. Very helpful. Good luck.

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      Sabra Schmidt

      I was wondering if anyone has put together any survival packages? Root touch up, hair care, etc. Sally’s isn’t an option and I’ve heard everyone is out of root touch up but I’m hoping I can buy direct from Wella.
      I have a small 4 chair salon with booth renters and hoping to set a good example 🤷🏻‍♀️
      Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated!
      Thanks, Sabra
      The Salon

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      Cathy Carr

      How do I package a color to go?

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