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      State By State Discussion: This is where you can post any questions or topics relevant to beauty professionals in the state of Texas.

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      Texas has not mandated for salons to be closed yet.

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      Bailey Farmer

      Dallas county is currently locked down. Many salons in Austin and surrounding suburbs have closed on their own.

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      All business closed until April 30th. Testing is now available to anyone who wants it in Harris county here in Houston.

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      erica vega

      Now, that we are looking to open Mid May (May 18) in Texas…I am still questioning after all I’ve read I have not heard anything about our capes?? Cutting or shampoo capes? Allowed? I’m assuming we change before each client but, they are not cheap. Where can we get disaposeable capes at low cost?? Anyone have a creditable resource for these??…Help!!

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      Hi! If you’re looking for information on when your state is allowing salons to reopen, check out our State-By-State Guide For Salon Reopenings. We will be constantly updating this page for new developments.

      Your State by State Guide for Salons Reopening

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