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      Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion: Use this thread if you own a salon, suite or booth and want to talk with other salon owners about how they are pivoting their business and keeping safe.

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      Camille A Battle

      I rent a small suite. I am being mindful of spraying all my brushes and soaking combs with barbicide and wiping services with Lysol or barbicide after each client.
      I have had clients request I wear a mask during their haircut.
      I was lucky to find Lysol for laundry and washing my towels in hot water.
      I also am wearing gloves during the entire service. It helps me to remember not to touch my face.
      I’m concerned that we can carry this for 14+ days before symptoms start. I may consider closing soon. We are in such close proximity to our clients all day. We see many clients a day. I’m concerned for my older clients.

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        amanda adamson

        amanda adamson
        The clients who asked you to wear a mask, did you have masks available to wear? I would be happy to wear a mask during services, but I can’t get any. It’s impossible to find them and from what I understand they’re not selling them to private parties as they need to save them for medical personnel.

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          Camille A Battle

          I can’t find masks anywhere also. I am a bit lucky. My Dad has some. (he had a kidney transplant) He let me borrow a few.
          It was my client who’s job is infectious disease asked me to wear one. I wasn’t sure why last week. But now it’s completely clear.

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        Regina Bernardini

        Hi! Just a friendly tip! Lysol says on the back does not protect from the Corona virus!

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      Zaid Bakeer

      Keep reminding employees to clean during the day, I think it helps the salon stay disinfected. Its our responsibility to keep the salon clean. I’ve thought about breaking the salon into two teams, so if one person gets sick from one team the other team can carry on. One team would be working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday while the other team works Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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      Lisa Hammond

      That sounds like a good idea. I am a booth renter in NW FL . There are 7 of us including the owner, we have taken a few further sanitation steps like wiping stations and doors after each client. I haven’t had any cancellations yet, but I am not a fully booked stylist. So I was thinking of limiting the days I am available. Our schools are shut down until March 30. I also thought about sending am email to all my clients stating our disinfecting methods and asking if they are sick at all to resch.

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      amanda adamson

      I’m a small salon owner in Alaska. I work alone, sadly our industry isn’t doing so well here. We had our first confirmed case on Thursday and things are rapidly closing. I am concerned that our local government will institute a preemptive closure of “non essential” businesses. I’m disinfecting all chairs, station, implements, door knobs and tools between each client, I’ve stopped double booking to decrease risk, I provide hand sanitizer at my station for clients as well as provide them the ability to wash their hands, gloves are used from start to finish of service. I would wear a mask if i could get them but i can’t find them anywhere. I am allowing penalty free cancellations for those that feel they need to, and anyone who has traveled out of state, has to wait 14 days upon return to come in for an appointment. I have also asked that anyone experiencing any cold symptoms, reschedule their appointment and it is a two week wait period. At this point, clients seem to still be coming in for services, with little to no concern about the virus effecting hair services. As I’m sure most of us are, I am extremely concerned about the economic blow back all of this is going to have.

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      Jordanna Cobella

      Hi All, I sent this to all my 30 staff members in my salon in London this morning as precautionary measures we can take.
      Hope this is helpful.
      Jordanna Cobella.

      In light of recent events we are advising to take the following steps as precautionary measures for safe keeping and to improve health and safety at Cobella. Please note that these steps are merely preventative measures to improve certain practices at this moment in time, following public health guidelines.

      As with all businesses these measures are only to improve our health and safety hygiene practices for our peace of mind. Our response to the corona virus outbreak will require us to stay calm and focused on our ultimate aims, without compromising on safety.

      • Please wear gloves when handling cash or cards at reception and washing hair (gloves will need to be washed and reused in case we face limited supply).
      • Please refrain from hand shaking and greeting clients with hugs or kisses.
      • Please wash hands in between client contact and in between the use of shared tools such as straighteners and blowdryers.
      • We advise to wipe down your phones with the anti bacterial wipes provided if you are travelling to work via the tube, train or bus.
      • All door handles and shared surfaces will be disinfected and wiped on an hourly basis at the salon.
      • All gowns must be shaken off and put in the laundry bin (in the cloakroom) after only ONE use per client. These will then be washed for the next clients use. Please do not rehang gowns or use gowns twice.
      • Please do not drink from any shared mugs or glasses. Bring your own mug or bottle to work or use the plastic or paper cups provided.

      • Clients will be advised to follow our advice on our website landing page which is to ‘please cancel or reschedule your appointment if you have come into contact with anyone who has symptoms or are experiencing symptoms yourself’.
      • All staff are advised to self-isolate at home if they experience any symptoms such as fever, coughing or breathlessness.

      We continue to monitor corporate advice, along with guidance from the Department of Health, Public Health England and the World Health Organization and will provide further updates as the situation continues to evolve. Myself, Stephanie and the assistant team are continuously working to protect the organisation and people and we appreciate your continued support in these efforts.

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      veronica gonzalez

      Hi! I have a 5 station booth rent salon.
      My girls are all independent and book and manage their own clients. So it will be up to them to work or not.
      What do I do if some decide to stop working? Are they still required to pay their weekly booth rent?
      I don’t know how to go about this.

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        amanda adamson

        That’s a tough call to make. I think it’s going to be up to each salon owner. I am still expected to pay my lease, because as of right now, the world is not in complete collapse. I probably would offer renters a discounted rate to ease financial burden if they are say, closed for a couple weeks. If they’re closed for months, that’s where it gets tricky. It’s a big choice!

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      Linda Mumby

      In the UK. We’ve put all magazines in the bin to stop cross infection. Every client has a clean gown and towels as normal. The only thing different as we’re all particular anyway, is every chair and shelf in front for tea/coffee is being wiped/sprayed with sprays that say anti Corona virus after each client. Reception desk continually cleaned also doors handles settees. Everything barbiced after each client including trolleys. We wash our hands between clients anyway. We’ve put a polite notice online regarding illness. We’ve had cancellations/rearrangements due to the virus and self isolating and thanked each person for their consideration. To be honest I think the majority of stylists are clean freaks anyway it’s the nature of the job. As a group of self employed stylists we have between said complete honesty and of one of us are I’ll. We close for isolation simple as that. We value our clients and will not jeopardise their health. The only other thing is when children visit, I’ve asked if their vaccinations are up to date.

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      Iris c

      Hi! Question about retail products up front? Do you keep them all up, only keep one of each? Idk what to do up there. And how about everyone’s beverage area?

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      Amanda Essink

      As a studio rental salon owner, what are my options for handling a stylist renter who is returning from international travel? The stylist wants to come back to work immediately, I have requested she self quarantine for 14. I’ve even offered 50% renter return for March.

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      Amy Loughlin

      I’m a salon owner in south central Pennsylvania. We have upped our sanitizing and disinfecting procedures by wiping down all hard surfaces with disinfectant spray and Lysol-ing all soft surfaces. This is done between each client. I’m encouraging my employees to where gloves whenever possible.
      We also sent out an email and posted on social media about the situation. We are encouraging our clients over the age of 65, our clients who are dealing with a compromised immune system and those that have recently returned from travel to reconsider attending their appointment.
      For those returning from travel we have requested waiting to come to the salon for 30 days after their arrival home.

      We have received some backlash from clients (one actually stormed out of the salon on Friday) because unfortunately there’s a large population that isn’t taking this seriously at all. My client that stormed out got back from a cruise 2 weeks ago and had a stuffy nose! 🤦🏻‍♀️

      Fortunately, a majority of our clients understand and appreciate the measures we are taking. And of course we are not penalizing them for last minute cancellations.

      Overall, we haven’t had many cancellations. My and my employee’s Health is my main concern. Since we come in contact with so many people, I am afraid that we may contract the virus and unknowingly spread it to others. Unfortunately, we are being instructed to not go get tested unless you are showing symptoms. Otherwise, I’d take us all to go get tested every couple weeks!

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      Update from yesterday: we have decided to close our salon until at least March 31. IL has also announced all bars/restaurants to close until March 30th. I anticipate other states will follow. Since we work in such close proximity with our clients, it just seemed like the morally correct thing to do. Yes, we’ll take a hit financially right now, but I anticipate when we open we’ll be very busy to make up for lost time. Stay safe everyone, this is all very scary and everyone’s safety, including ours, is our number one priority.

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      Lorry Green

      We are in Washington state in the county that has the nursing home where it all started. We have 4 Salkn locations and are still open for business. We have done the same precautions as everyone mentioned above with constant communication to our stylists and guests. We have left it open to our stylists to choose what they believe is right for them. We have eliminated the cancellation policy for guests that need to cancel last minute. Looking at our numbers we are down 9% company wide this past week. I’m struggling on what to do. I feel such a strong sense of responsibility to enforce social distancing and close our salons however I don’t know how to do that and still pay the bills. I’m also responsible for the financial well-being of our employees. This is a tough time. I’m happy to have this forum of owners. Hoping it will be a great resource for all of us.

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        Kristina Dimoplon

        We are in NYC and I’m feeling the social pressure to close. People are saying it’s irresponsible for others to be out during this time In our area. We are also sanitizing and disinfecting constantly. we definitely can’t afford to close, as our rent is very high and we are a first year salon. I saw a salon owner I know in Michigan go to being “appointment only” which we are
        Considering. Not sure what the next move is. Seeing posts online that many other small business around us are closing (clothing stores, nail salons, tattoo shops). They just closed public schools until April 20. Things are looking serious but we’re so unsure what to do.

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          Sarah Beck

          I’m a salon owner as well in a rural town, I a county that has only had 1 reported case so far. All bars and restaurants, gyms and large Spas have been ordered to close, but at this point salons are still being given the option to stay open. I am my only employee with no renters at this time, I have stopped taking walk ins and am doing appointment only so I am given ample time to sanitize and disinfect.
          I figure as long as people are making appointments and I am taking the necessary steps to protect my clients as well as myself I will remain open or until I’m told to close.

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      I recently posted a comment in lieu of the corona virus and our industry. I think we need to stand as a community to insure our clients and even the nation and world of their safety by the safety and sanitation And infection control practices they we are suppose to be held to. We are not just an industry taking care of people’s skin hair and nails. We supply these services with the insured safety of our clients. We have at our disposal better cleaning products than the average business or at least we are suppose to. I mean every state and country is set by different standards but as a industry as a whole we are held to a more professional standard. And maybe it takes our industry to consult with our Governors and Senators and even our world leaders to set better safety and sanitation methods as a whole. I live in Virginia and out Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations mandates a standard to insure we do NOT spread communicable disease.

      As an industry we can set an example that it is better safety and sanitation and infection control practices that is the number 1 defense against the spread of communicable disease when such a crisis occurs. I mean we are going to to be affected hard by this virus and crisis if we do not do something to contribute to helping insure safety of the public

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      Debbie Claffey

      I’m small town salon owner, 1 employee and 2 booth renters, we have posted on our social media the safety precautions we’ve always been doing but more frequently, we haven’t had much cancellations, but do ask our clients to follow:
      Our Salon Safety Guidelines
      • Please stay home if you experience a cough, fever, body aches, shortness of breath, or any other flu like symptoms. Our staff will do the same.
      • Please wait 14 days before scheduling an appointment if you have traveled out of the country or any high exposure area.

      • We will require clients to sanitize their hands when they enter our salon & before beginning any service, our stylists will do the same.

      • We are following a rigorous cleaning schedule, door knobs, desks, stations, reception area, dryers, etc. to ensure our salon is disinfected on a regular basis.

      • Do not bring extra people to your appointment unless the appointment schedule needs to be assisted or a minor. This will help minimize extra exposure as we are taking measures to space our appointments so that we can properly sanitize in between appointments.

      We appreciate you and your families and
      want everyone to stay safe and healthy!

      but we’ll monitor each day so far there hasn’t been any cases reported in our county yet.

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      I totally understand that as salon professionals we sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. But since this virus is airborne, all it takes is one sneeze and it can travel six feet. Six feet! We are definitely in closer proximity than six feet to our clients. Towards the end of last week, we started to get anxiety everyday thinking…will this be the day we become infected and even worse, pass it onto our clients? And that scared the hell out of us! We personally felt a moral responsibility to close. Is it going to hit the pocketbook? Absolutely! But unfortunately I think it’s only a matter of time before salons/spas are forced to close, at least in major metropolitan areas (we’re in Chicago). Not judging anybody for staying open though, this is an absolutely horrible dilemma we are all in. And to the person that pointed out that Lysol spray doesn’t kill this virus…thank you!! I didn’t know that! I’ve been using clorox wipes…but when those run out I don’t know what to do. I also cannot find hand sanitizer anywhere either. I’m washing my hands like crazy though. Be safe everyone!

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