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      Tristine Burnside

      March 1st, 2019 I signed a lease with 8 new stylists/nail tech from a salon that had closed. As a group I gave them a package deal: One month complimentary rent = $750.00 per stylist $550.00 per nail tech, 500 business cards, new trolley cart to match the salon decor, and a deduction on their lease payment from $750.00 to $700.00 and nail tech stayed the same. I also built added on square footage to my space at the cost of $5,500 for the new nail tech for her spa pedicure and new table. All of this to me was a wise decision, they are excellent stylist.

      When the pandemic hit and salon/spa closed not one of them talked to me about their lease payment, however I received a lease check from each one that was half of the amount owed for rent. I waited till the 15th to talk with them about their lease and what I would negotiate with them. They all said that they had come to the agreement with each other that half the lease was what they were willing to pay.

      As you probably know I was in shock, there has been no conversation with me, the salon/spa owner or the the renters at this point because I haven’t known what to do.

      Question: What should I do as an owner, I feel that they are taking control of the decision making with absolutely no concern or respect for me.
      Please help I need perspective from both owners and renters.

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      Liz St Pierre

      As the owner you should have initiated this conversation with them before you shut down. And stated what your expectations are. Sounds like you never communicated and they came up with their own plan. They have no income now so you’re pretty lucky you’re getting at least half

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