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      jennifer bisicchia

      Anything in order yet? Any info on financial support?

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      Debbie Claffey

      I haven’t heard any relief program to be offered to salon owners or stylists.

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      Angela Hardin Hunter

      So we are among the first to be mandatorily shut down yet we are not included in financial relief?!!🤷🏼‍♀️

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      amy hughes

      Well everyone who makes under 75k a year and pays taxes is getting a check mailed to them between 1000k-3000k defending how many in your household

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      Kelly Quinn-Cannizzaro

      Amy, you mean 1k-3k. And the announcement was actually up to $1200. Per person making up to 75k per year, 1500. Per couple, plus 500. For each child you have. But you must be a tax paying citizen of the US. So that does cut out many in our community, especially in the nail care industry.

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      Tiffany Barton

      I DO pay taxes,and am a studio owner,party of one..I live in california,where we have been mandated by the Governor to shut down,I have no resources,does anyone know of any programs,relief efforts for closure?

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      kiara bailey

      go to the SBA small business of America site and see about the interest free loans. You have to pay the money back but there are no fees and you won’t get charged for the money over the 12 months you have to pay it back.
      I’m currently looking for more support and will update as i find where there’s money to be gotten!
      We will get through this!!!

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      Barbara Ball

      I hear what everyone is saying, but for those of us who are self employed/booth renters where do we go to get help everything is sor far for the unemployed and business owners. looking for information for self employed /booth renters.

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