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      Nikki Friel


      I was excited about the idea of offering clients an at home haircolor kit. I now feel differently, after reading about the liability of clients applying their own color, the possiblility of this interfering with my employees ability to get unemployment, and the fact that it is illegal to sell professional products to non licensed professionals, right? Also with a shelter in place order likely to come this week, can we even offer color pickup, as people are not supposed to be on the roads?

      How does everyone else feel about these issues?

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      I thought about this also, but considered the liability to be an issue.

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      Wow Nikki, thanks for this. I didn’t get that far yet and now I’m wondering what’s best. I’m also hesitant to hand out formulas, though I have given general level guidance for those who want to buy box color. Even that makes me a bit nervous from a liability point of view.

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      Melissa Olsen

      Good Day! Was anyone able to come with a solution?! What are your thoughts?!

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      nicole farzam

      We have decided against selling at home color kits. We thought about it this way: we are licensed by the state and currently we are shut down as a non-essential business. If we are in violation of this we can be fined for operating and wouldn’t this put out business in jeopardy? Not only that, we are a large salon with 30+ staff and the logistics seem like a nightmare. There is so much going on right now and our primary concern is that everyone says safe and with their families.

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