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      Patty Tedford Cupples

      I work at the nursing home doing hair. I also own a salon and plan on keeping it open. The nursing home has banned all visitors but they want me to continue to come. I am really pulled but also scared because most the elders cough and sneeze and do not cover their mouth, I get direct hits often. I usually see over 20 per day, there is no confirmed cases there. My husband has asthma so kinda concerned, money is pretty good but will not break me to shut it down. What would you do??

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      Ann Tierney

      Oh Heavens! I am shocked that the nursing home still wants you to come. I definitely would not go. Not only could you be passing it onto them and not know it but you could pick it up from them and then pass it on to your husband and your own clients. That’s just my opinion. Stay safe no matter what your decision is.

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      Barb Burton-Smith

      I also work in a Retirement residence and they want me to work as well. I am concerned for the residents but also myself as I have chronic lung issues. I’m having major anxiety about this! I agree that older people are not the most sanitary and don’t often cover their coughs and sneezes. What should I do?

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      Ann Tierney

      Maybe the compromise is to not work there at least two weeks.Share your concerns with the nursing home managers. I know getting our hair done is a high priority 😁 BUT…risking our lives and their lives? Just food for thought. Love to all my fellow hairdressers. We will all get through this together. Stay safe.❤️

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