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      Kelly Cote Clark

      Is there a legal or moral protocol for a NON mandated “booth rental” salon closure due to the Coronavirus? Meaning can you force booth renters to stop working? If so can you expect them to pay booth rent for the weeks not working? What if they still choose to work? Can they? Thank you in advance for your input..

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      Interested in answers

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      Cheryl Thoennes

      I own a salon with booth renters and also rent a chair in the salon. This is a dilema. Because of business falling off rapidly it is a concern if the stylists can pay their rent. We are not closing the salon unless it is mandated. On the other side of this the stylists do have leases and are able to work as many or as few days in the month that they choose. Our salon is in a strip mall and we still have to pay full rent and all the other expenses involved with keeping the salon open. I would expect to pay rent just as I would a house payment. As a renter I expect to pay my rent so the salon doesn’t end up closing the doors permanently as an owner I will do what I can to help the stylists out. Bottom line, the salon bills have to be paid whether we are mandated to close or not!

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      nicole moore

      I have the same questions here in Washington!!! If we can’t work we shouldn’t have to pay this needs to be addressed with the salon owner per state and a bail out if givin to the owners should fall down the line I have been trying to get the owner of my salon to contact the building manager because if they’re going to give the building manager a break maybe they will slide our way so we could start having this conversation

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      tina bedrd

      I am in New Jersey. We were mandated on March 19 to close our doors. I paid my April’s rent yesterday. My landlord is someone who I face every single day. He has A wife with cancer and two small children.his own business has been impacted. It was the middle of the month so I had at least had half of the rent ready to go. I dipped into my emergency fund and opted to pay him Aprils rent not knowing whether we will be open or not. I felt it was the right thing to do. I have no clue what I will do for May. he’s a great landlord and I’m hoping he’ll remember this the next time I have a problem.

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