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      State By State Discussion: This is where you can post any questions or topics relevant to beauty professionals in the state of New York.

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      Erin Holmes

      Hi all! I am trying to find information on the trickle down effect of mortgages not needing to be paid. If the owner of our building doesn’t need to pay the mortgage on the building during this time, does that mean our salon owner doesn’t need to pay him, and we don’t need to pay our salon own rent every week? Looking for clarification. Thank you for any help.

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      I just read BTC latest article about “Are u still required to pay your rent?” I was so happy to read “YES!” My barber feels he does not have to and because he did have to he quit! He has a signed lease until Feb 2021 I felt generous telling my renters that I would defer payment until the end of their lease! I however only can apply for a 3 month extension on my mortgage but I gave them until Feb of next year! However he felt he shouldnt have to pay at all! My lawyer finally got back to me today and said he absolutely “IS” responsible! Hes on a lease’ he goes by his own name his own hours and files his own taxes therefore he runs his own business out of my salon and “IF” the govt offers any kind of “bail out” hes independant he can file himself as I can! So I was right I was “generous”in the time I gave him to pay me! I guess Ill see him in court!

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      Nikolina Bajazet

      Hi there. I’m renting the chair and I don’t work like all of us, so no income and no money to pay the rent. What to do? Do I have to pay? Can the owner kick me out if I don’t have the money to pay? Or what is a solution?
      Be safe❤️

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      Jennifer Doyle Green

      I apologize if I missed this information, does anyone know how long we are to be closed or where I can find that information.
      Thanks for your help!

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      Hi! If you’re looking for information on when your state is allowing salons to reopen, check out our State-By-State Guide For Salon Reopenings. We will be constantly updating this page for new developments.

      Your State by State Guide for Salons Reopening

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