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      State By State Discussion: This is where you can post any questions or topics relevant to beauty professionals in the state of Michigan.

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      Amanda Lyons

      Confused about the government mandated closures for Spas.

      We are a day spa that has Licensed Cosmetologists and Massage Therapists.
      The building has a Salon License. This is a grey area for sure, I don’t want to stop working but I also don’t want to break any laws.

      Does anyone have any clarity/answers on this? Anyone going through the same issue?

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      Lisa Cressey

      We just stopped spa services. Hair is still going

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        Amanda Lyons

        Lisa, thank you for responding!
        so hair only?
        this is the grey area too because I also do manis/ pedis /facials … I’m left not knowing what I’m “allowed” to do. any info is appropriated!

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      Sarah Autio

      The state site says salons connected to spas should close . It’s not super clear . I even called the state and they could not answer me .

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        Amanda Lyons

        thank you, Sarah!
        anyone we have talked to has had no answer as well.
        CDC, DHHR, LARA … everyone we can think of to contact, no answers.
        if you hear anything let me know, and I will do the same, thanks again!

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      Kelli Taylor

      Our salon owner talked to Lara. We are a salon and spa. The services that are still allowed are hair services and nail services. We cannot do skin services or massage. Of coarse we are limiting to 10 people or less. I’m wondering how much longer we’ll be able to stay open?

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      Lisa Cressey

      I decided to stop working starting yesterday. The owner of my salon doesn’t want to close. I don’t want to either but I feel it is the right thing to do. All the other girls at my salon are done this week too. So not sure what will happen… not sure why spa services wouldn’t be allowed but hair services are… we are just as close to our guests…

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      connie beach

      We are still open but have had many cancellations the past two days. Our owner gave us all masks to wear and we are disinfecting like crazy. I’m trying to decide if I should just bite the bullet and cancel everyone from Saturday forward, or go ahead and finish the week and cancel everyone from there on for two weeks. None of us really know what to do since the State hasn’t made us close yet. Some of our girls really need every penny they make and we are all independent contractors not employees. Ugh!!😩

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      barb sheppard

      Just working on getting unemployment benefits at this point.

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      Hi! If you’re looking for information on when your state is allowing salons to reopen, check out our State-By-State Guide For Salon Reopenings. We will be constantly updating this page for new developments.

      Your State by State Guide for Salons Reopening

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