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      State By State Discussion: This is where you can post any questions or topics relevant to beauty professionals in the state of Massachusetts.

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      Sacha Arenas

      Hi, do we know what massachussetts salons are lookin like for next week?😬

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      Quincy got shut down March 20th till further notice

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      Sacha Arenas

      Thanks, what source did you find that out from? So I can keep a look out for my town

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        tammy russell

        I rent a booth in Chelmsford, we have 3 confirmed cases in town. As much as I don’t want to be out of work, I really wish Gov Baker would close hair/nail/tattoo shops to name a few. You CANNOT perform your job within 6 feet. Period 🙄

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      Cathy Ste. Marie

      I really don’t wanna post this but, realistically my gut says we won’t be back working till JULY! Hoping President will announce Disaster Unemployment Declaration…. then I become eligible for unemployment assistance. 🙏

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      Linda Frazier Belli

      Hi from Cape Cod!! It’s Easter and I see there are no new posts for awhile.
      Back the middle of last year I was forced to get a 1099, instead of the owner taking taxes out. This was disheartening! I still have to follow the rules of the salon and I always clean up and keep the salon looking great as MY clients have to see it. It’s a small place. She had two other employees but they quit last year and that’s when I was told. As for now, I feel like I have been screwed. I know Gov. Baker is waiting for the Fed. To come up with a plan for us, self-employed Stylist’s. Anyone else in the same boat?

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      Linda Frazier Belli

      Also, I was under the assumption that owners couldn’t use a 1099 since 2005. I checked the laws regarding this and it’s not a straight forward rule.

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      Hi! If you’re looking for information on when your state is allowing salons to reopen, check out our State-By-State Guide For Salon Reopenings. We will be constantly updating this page for new developments.

      Your State by State Guide for Salons Reopening

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