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      holly hoffland

      Hi! I am in a one chair studio salon in Cleveland,Ohio. We were just mandated by the state to shut down all hair salons in the state. I’m wondering if anyone knows rules on whether or not you are able to get unemployment if you are mandated to shut down vs. voluntarily doing it? Just wondering if this is a thing. Thank you!

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      kiara bailey

      Unfortunately you cannot collect unemployment as an independent contractor or company. Only employees who have had employers paying into the system for them for a certain period of time are eligible. I am trying to locate money out there and will post updates as i find it.
      The SBA site has no interest loans available so it’s basically free money you have to pay back.
      We will get through this!

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        Deanne Hunt

        Check with your states unemployment office. Through the Cares Act all independents, 1099,gig workers can collect unemployment however the current system is not setup for such. It’s a waiting game right now.

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      tracy kennedy

      So if I haven’t paid in unemployment I can’t get it is this correct

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