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      Learn more about your options and see what advice fellow salon owners and booth renters had to share: https://behindthechair.com/articles/what-would-you-do-if-its-mandatory-for-a-salon-to-close-do-you-still-charge-booth-rent/

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      After checking in with my landlord when stay home sheltering was in place and before salons were mandated to close. My landlord offered me 1/2 rent and pay the other 1/2 by end of the year. I offered the same deal to my Independent Contractors. Well it didn’t go over well. The staff wanted me to pay their portion of the rent, period.
      After the Mandate was ordered, for salons to close. A few IC’s went into the salon and took out their belongings and some not their belongings. Fair, right, but what is not fair, is not sharing their concerns and asking if I’d reconsider. Which I was able to do when the the full salon closure happened.
      Some IC’s where quoting BTC as saying the landlords shouldn’t be charging and so you shouldn’t be charging.
      As of now, due to the mandate the remaining stylist are not paying rent by my request and I am renegotiating with the landlord.
      I urge all renters with a business license to seek federal and state disaster relief.
      And more, please be safe and well

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      Rachel Moscovita

      As much as I prefer not to pay it is our responsibility to pay our rent as individual contractors.heads up to property owners a contract should be in place to be signed by applicant so they understand their respnsibilitied

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