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      Struggling with how to talk to your clients about what’s going on? We got you. Click HERE to see examples from salon owners and hairdressers.

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      Keri Felgenhauer

      I am in a one person suite and I am disinfecting thoroughly after each client. I sent out an email letting them know that and they all know I’m a clean freak when it’s a regular day. I swear the cleaning and disinfecting products are gonna kill me before anything else does!

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      Iris c

      How should I sanitize capes? Spray Lysol on them?

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        Shannon Billeter

        Washing them works best. You can disinfect with barbicide in-between use if they are plastic.

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          Iris c

          Thank you!So I can keep using them during the span of a day? Obviously if someone sneezes on them we through them in the laundry bag right away lol. But if all is good I can keep using it?

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          Miranda Olin

          I always use a new cape with each client. I would invest in more capes if you can.

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          Wendy Mattingly

          Suppose to wash aft3r each client

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      Nicole Graham Holley

      I’m immunocompromised so I just sent this out to clients this morning…

      It is after much careful consideration that I announce that I will be rescheduling all of my currently booked appointments and no longer scheduling any new appointments for the next 3 weeks due to COVID-19.
      This is a modern day crisis playing out in tiny micro decisions for all business owners. Do I cancel or keep my clients? Wash my hands after this, that, or both? Is repeated cleansing/sanitizing enough? The CDC is now recommending social distancing: all non-essential contact needs to be avoided within a 6 feet distance (which as you all know, would be impossible for me to accomplish.) So for the health of myself (immunocompromised), my immediate family member who I’m taking care of daily post operatively (immunocompromised) and all of my valued clients, safety is my top priority.
      I’ll be rebooking all appointments in order of standing appointments. Please let me know if you prefer to rebook now or would like to contact me in a couple of weeks as we collectively see how all of this plays out? With all of this being said, if your hair is an absolute immediate need, please message me privately and we can discuss temporary solutions.
      Bless you all as we learn how to navigate through these uncharted waters together with thoughtfulness, patience and kindness. Hopefully we can resume our normal life in the weeks to come.
      Big hugs,
      Nicole Holley

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