BTC STYLIST FORUM Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion How Is Your Salon Managing the Potential Downturn of Business?

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      Tell us below!

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      Brenda O.

      I am worried about not being able to pay my salon Suite rent when clients are canceling. It is going to be rough for some of us. What do we do in times like this? are we expected to dig into our savings when we are not making money? I don’t know. This is a tough call.

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      Gale Fantry

      I work alone in an office building and have the same concerns as Brenda O. I have been considering getting my basement ready for business incase I can no longer afford to pay rent in my current space. Business had been pretty good when people started working from home, but now since the schools are closed, everyone is juggling work and kids schooling and entertainment at home, and after this Saturday it’s not looking good.

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      Cassondra Grace Gems

      I am worried about being able to afford to pay my staff with The amount of cancellations we are receiving, but feel awful thinking I may have to cut hours to be able to support this

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      Jessica Dixon

      Anyone thought about laying off staff so they can collect unemployment?

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        Yes! This is what we are doing as we speak!

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      nona pitts

      I’m a salon owner in Southern California, temporary closed & covered windows. After coming out of a 3 day depression I texted a few clients a sincere appreciation of their business & now in these trying times offered a virtual gift certificate and they will receive 10%off their services when we can legally reopen. WOW!!!! The response was amazing . One client sent $1,000 through Zelle direct into my account. Some of my clients just mailed me checks. Most was $50 to $200. Some of my clients offered to buy hair products from me and paid shipping to support me. Most clients understand we live day to day . Just reach out to them. Hope this helps

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