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      Amanda Perez

      Yes. A Lot of cancellations

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        lana Soza

        As of 5:00pm, March 18th all Kentucky Hair Salons and Spas have been ordered to temporarily closed by the Governor.

        Trusting God to meet my every need not my want. He’s never failed me! ❤️

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          anita allison

          Amen to that 🙏
          I’ll continue to pray for our industry

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      Lindsey Baty Ruffino

      Fear and soon to be cancellations

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      Cassie MacKenzie

      So far ok, but worried about what’s to come

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      jessica tandy

      Lots of cancellations.

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      Courtney Marie Johnson

      I have experienced many cancellations this week, I am limiting contact and no longer double booking. I am located in CT and they just announced a case in my county. I am concerned that we will be forced to close our doors soon.

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      Candace Leffew

      A few cancellations but worried about what’s to come this week.

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      amanda mathews

      Well not bad yet but scared for what’s to come no positive cases yet in my area but if that happens then I will be forced to close the doors

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      Devon Pollich

      Nothing yet but afraid of the future

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      Karen Roberts Wade

      Mostly just fear and uncertainty.

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      Karen Roberts Wade

      Not really affected yet.

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      Christy Decker Millard

      Haven’t had any negative affects yet but really feel like it would be socially responsible to close the salon. Social distancing is what will keep this from spreading and continuing to do hair, even responsibly, doesn’t seem to be wise at this point. Practical financially speaking, but not wise.

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        Barbara Ventura

        I totally agree with you. I am still booked 6 weeks out and had only one person cancel and want to reschedule for a later date. Its really difficult for us in this profession….we have to be in such close contact with people and I really think that distancing will stop the spread but financially how do we do that? Not only now, but how will it impact us later if we close our doors to clients. But isnt our health and that of others the priority? There are some crazy people out there who still dont think this virus is the threat that it is and that is dangerous.

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      Not really many cancellations yet. But lots of talk and much worry about what’s to come.

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        As a salon owner it is our responsibility to keep our staff, families and clients safe. Continuing to keep your doors open is completely irresponsible. The state’s mandate is to not have more then 10 people in a room at one time and that isn’t physically possible in my salon. We have a much bigger team. It was a difficult decision to close but everyone’s health is more important. The quicker everyone does there part with social distancing the sooner we can get back to work.

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          Kimberly Neely

          Good for you! I know what a tough decision it was. We closed our doors this past Saturday. I’ve been in this industry 40 years. It’s best for us, our clients, family and friends. We’ve got to flatten the curve and not overload the hospitals. I wish it was mandatory for everyone for 2 weeks. I know it’s tough as heck, but in the long term best. We’ll be slammed when we start back as we’re also booked 6 weeks out. In the mean time, it’s great to study and learn new techniques…..

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      elizabeth eifert

      It’s the talk of the whole business. We are using barbicide on everything and after each client, which we usually do anyways but it’s extra at this point. Most likely will not close the salon or our books to new clients. Not to worried about it despite many cases in Colorado.

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      Samantha McClellan

      So far my business hasn’t been effected but I not sure what the future holds, and that has me worried!

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      Markus Aman

      My assistant is sick and just flew in yesterday from Paris, so I’ve asked her to self quarantine. About 40% of the salon clients are canceling.

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      Just a few so far. The environment at work is difficult for me, Every client has their own set of facts, fears and complaints about Covid-19 that they unload on to me. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed.

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      Some cancellations. I’m worried for the future as I am already health compromised. A client came in sick and I freaked out and cleaned everything. I put a sign up letting clients know that if they are sick then do not come in.

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      Amber Reid

      Not affected yet

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      Paige Garland

      So far very few cancellations but the phones aren’t ringing

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      Zaid Bakeer

      Haven’t seen much yet, however I think once the local area gets impacted by the virus, I’ll be seeing cancellations. It’s a matter of time before people start canceling. I highly recommend everyone post a message to their clients stating if they feel any symptoms of the virus to cancel the appointment.

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      Sonya Lobrigo

      No bookings and a lot of cancellations. We could walk in with a full book and only 1/2 of our clients show. There is a lot of panic and Paranoia.

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        Mary Rector-Gable

        Where do you live?

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      Fear of future cancellations and being really slow

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      Jessica Dixon

      A tiny bit, but I feel it is more a not yet

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      Lacey Elleman

      Just a couple cancellations so far. Worried about the next couple weeks!

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      Take this serious. Every salon in Norway is closed for 14 days. This was with an four hour notice!

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      We have had little cancellations but of course very concerned about the future.
      I want to do what’s best for everyone. My staff all want to work (I’ve given them the option to make best decision for them).
      The salons near me is about a 50/50 who is staying open and who is closing.

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      Taylor Lawley

      We have officially closed down for two weeks. Clients have been calling about canceling

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      Melinda Cerna

      We’ve had two confirmed travel cases here in San Antonio. The salon is vigilant in cleaning and disinfecting everything but is this enough? I’ve had two cancellations for the following week. I’m not sure if I should close the salon.

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      Kelli Graham

      So far it is business as usual. Doesn’t seem to have slowed down at all. Still have guests of all ages coming in. Like others I’m worried about if we have close. No work no pay.

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      Suzie Jorge

      I live in Massachusetts. We haven’t had many cancellations but I am concerned with following “social distancing” guidelines of 6ft. in order to slow down the spread. As of now Im letting my employees decide if they want to work or not but I feel like the salon should either be opened or closed. I feel that the responsible thing to do is close. HELP!

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      Markus Aman

      Yesterday I got a directive to close my salon for the next two weeks. Todays task of cancelling future clients was heart wrenching. Hopefully the government will step in and help us as promised.

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        Katie Prewitt

        What state?

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      C.E. Nixon

      State Mandated by our Governor here in Nevada to close for 30Days!

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      Theresa Hane

      In Iowa we have not been mandated to close. Some larger spas have closed. I am I a small salon and we are still open. I have had some cancellations but also a few calls for appointments. I am spacing out appointments to clean in between and distance. Going day to day, we are all allowed to make our own decisions to work or not.

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      cheryl Harms

      Same here in Florida …we have no instructions from our state boards

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      cheryl Harms

      Please state your state when posting .. We all need to know what’s going on in the whole 50 states

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      amy hughes

      I’m in Arizona . It’s about half and half right now with people choosing to close their salons or keep them open. I closed my suite for two weeks, because it’s a small space and the part th at freaks me out is that people may not have symptoms so I chose to close my doors. I honestly don’t have it in me to sanitize from head to toe in between each client it’s just too exhausting. I clean everyday and sanitize but this business of doing floors and walls and literally everything six times a day is more then I want to be responsible for, I did it one day and just the amount of fumes I was breathing in affected me Plus I can’t even get my hands on barbacide or cleaning supplies in any stores.

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      Erica Miner

      Have small salon in Johnson County, Kansas. We closed up for two weeks as of yesterday. Fear of spreading virus to clients and loved ones from working so closely with people was just too much to bear. Lost lots of sleep. People here are hunkering down, hoping to slow the spread. Since we have 15 confirmed cases in my county, people are getting worried. Plus, many of our residents traveled for spring break. They are starting to arrive home and I’m personally worried that we will see a sharp increase due to that. Clients were great and very understanding. Not many cancellations before we made the choice, but I think a two chair shop was giving them less fear.

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      Donna Waltz

      Live in southern California Confusion over closing but about 1/4 cancelations. Girls that are single really worried. Don’t have money to pay station rent if it gets much slower Any ideas for this?

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      Sandra Souza

      San Diego area… some stylists choose to stay home, others have to work to pay rent and bills, which I understand. A lot of clients cancelling but some still want to get their hair done. I have personally decided to stay home for two-three weeks to do my part to flatten the curve, I will still have to pay my booth rent. Most of my clients were relieved that they did not have to make the decision to cancel, I have had only one reschedule with a colleague. I have a lot of clients over 60 and I am very concerned about exposure that I can’t control like other stylist’s clients coming in sick or even me (contagious before symptoms show). I figured if more people could afford to stay home then we won’t be looking at contracting this thing and possibly being out of work for two months (which would devastate most clientele’s). I plan on doing things around the house I never get to do and furthering my education online. Good luck to everyone. This is a scary time we are in…

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      I have choose to close my salon, and I insisted independent stylists working at the salon, to not continue to work themselves.
      It’s the right thing to do.

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      Lynn Fleming

      We closed today in fear and concern for the elderly clients we have. So sad not to be able to make people happy in this trying time!

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      Gerrie Lindeque

      From South Africa here, We have just started seeing the first of the virus and people are full of panic. Government are employing strict measures but our business is still going.
      Cant close because how will we pay salary to 28 people. Beauty salon have lots of cancellations but hair salon still OK.
      Keep safe guys !!

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      I work in Santa Clara County in San Jose Ca. There is a mandatory shelter in place and all business are ordered to be closed fie 2-3 weeks. All Salons, nail salons, barber shops must stay closed, if you are open, city governments will fine you and suspend your business license. This is very serious. We are all hurting. However, let’s make clients feel more at ease to come back by letting them know we are taking stringent measures for sanitation. Secondly, I recommend what they do in Hong Kong during SARS…take your clients temp and your temp. Braun has an ear thermometer that has replaceable covers you can tell if you or your client has an elevated temp. This will be the new norm moving forward. What other options do we have, we don’t want to scare away clients.

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      I sent out a letter acknowledging the virus. I shared my new improved sanitation procedures. I sanitize all touchable surfaces with commercial grade alcohol wipes, spray the air with Lysol spray and a hepa filter. I’m in a suite concept so, it’s a bit more private. I also am monitoring my own health and ask my clients to do the same. I closed the letter with together we’ll get through this.
      So far I have had one cancellation and bless her she Venmo’d me the cost anyway. I had to cancel one color and cut because her daughter was in Madrid and came home with a fever.
      My fear is financial. I’m one paycheck away from devastation and I doubt I’m alone. If our governor shuts all salons down, I don’t even know what I’ll do. The $1k the president is offering won’t cover anything. I’m scared out of my mind.

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      Megan Schipani

      For all of you that are still open, are you seeing a lot of cancellations? What is the conversation with clients looking like right now?

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        Marsha DiNardo

        I’m in New Hampshire and I have NOT had many cancellations. Just the opposite actually. Many clients have called to try to come in before I close my doors. I will only allow 1 client in my salon at a time and heavily sanitize EVERYTHING before the next one enters. It’s so much extra work, but we need to do it of course. I’ve decided over the weekend to close at the end of the day Saturday March 28. Such a hard decision for all of us salon owners! I spent the whole weekend calling clients… they were not surprised. Many salons are closing in our area. The big question is, when will we feel it’s ok to re-open?? I have a feeling we will all be closed until May. Seems like this is going to get worse before it gets better. Good luck to all of you!!

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      aja fava

      We in Ny are shut completely down we have a curfew at night unless essential

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