BTC STYLIST FORUM Hairdresser Coronavirus Discussion How Are You Planning To Rebook Clients When This Is All Over?

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      How are you planning to rebook/reschedule clients when this is all over? Tell us below!

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      Dana Jendrzejewski

      We are staying optimistic and rebooking for the Easter/Passover week, but we are realistic that this could last longer, we are just being honest and hopeful with our customers, praying for everyone to be healthy & safe.

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      Sarah Purviance

      I am not rebooking anyone yet. I am a renter, and blocked out my online booking until mid May so no one can go online and book themselves. I sent a text to everyone booked with me next couple weeks giving them the opportunity to prepay (Venmo) 50% of their next appointment, which will give them priority booking when we can work again. I have a list in order of how they were booked to reschedule and I’ll go week by week, booking the people who prepaid first the the others second. It’s going to be a nightmare when we go back, but I’ll just work extra days and get an assistant so I can double book.

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        Sarah, this is brilliant. Thanks for the ideas. I’m calling it triage booking and I keep thinking how tough it’s going to be when we get back to it. Like you, I’ve started a chronological list of those who were canceled first. I like the idea of giving priority to those willing to make a deposit, just wondering how that would effect unemployment claims?

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        Susie Schroader

        What state do you work in?

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      Lori Spackman

      I reopened on May 1. I scheduled my clients that had been waiting the longest. My biggest mistake is I took WAY too many clients. With all of the extra sanitizing and trying to breath with a face mask on, I would suggest the first couple of weeks if at all possible, going back slowly. 2-3 clients per day. It’s stressful worrying about everything! I finally hit a wall by Friday and had to cancel my last appointment because I felt I was getting sick. But I realized later it was just a stress migraine coming on. I know we are all struggling financially, but it’s a different salon environment you are going back to. I know it will get better and this will someday be a memory, but for now know it’s going to be different.

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