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      Tell us below!

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      Scott Alan Williams

      I have been sanitizing every surface and tool between each client. I am also wiping down our touchscreen POS after every checkout.

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      Gale Fantry

      Other than the standard sanitizing, I have been wiping everything down with a bleach solution or with Lysol, such as my smart phone for payments, counters, styling chair, shampoo chair, waiting room chair, door knobs, removed all books, magazines, and toys from the waiting room. Wearing long sleeves, I use my elbow to open levered doors to my work space, restroom, and parking garage, as well as, to push buttons on the elevator. After I’ve washed and dried my hands in the bathroom I grab a new paper towel to open the bathroom door. If I have hair on my face while working with my client, I use the hair dryer to blow it off.

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      Brookes Monat

      Started by using new cape for everyone and wiping down all of my station chair anything client touched between guest. Day 2 same plus asked then to wash they hands when they arrived. Day 3 same plus asking them to use a disinfectant wipe on their device if they plan to have it out in the shop. Idk what day 4 will bring. I’m just changing where I feel it needs to happen. It’s so scary and some point I may wear gloves we will see

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      Jordanna Cobella

      Hi All, here are our guidelines for salon in London. Hope this helps, Jordanna Cobella.

      In light of recent events we are advising to take the following steps as precautionary measures for safe keeping and to improve health and safety at Cobella. Please note that these steps are merely preventative measures to improve certain practices at this moment in time, following public health guidelines.

      As with all businesses these measures are only to improve our health and safety hygiene practices for our peace of mind. Our response to the corona virus outbreak will require us to stay calm and focused on our ultimate aims, without compromising on safety.

      • Please wear gloves when handling cash or cards at reception and washing hair (gloves will need to be washed and reused in case we face limited supply).
      • Please refrain from hand shaking and greeting clients with hugs or kisses.
      • Please wash hands in between client contact and in between the use of shared tools such as straighteners and blowdryers.
      • We advise to wipe down your phones with the anti bacterial wipes provided if you are travelling to work via the tube, train or bus.
      • All door handles and shared surfaces will be disinfected and wiped on an hourly basis at the salon.
      • All gowns must be shaken off and put in the laundry bin (in the cloakroom) after only ONE use per client. These will then be washed for the next clients use. Please do not rehang gowns or use gowns twice.
      • Please do not drink from any shared mugs or glasses. Bring your own mug or bottle to work or use the plastic or paper cups provided.

      • Clients will be advised to follow our advice on our website landing page which is to ‘please cancel or reschedule your appointment if you have come into contact with anyone who has symptoms or are experiencing symptoms yourself’.
      • All staff are advised to self-isolate at home if they experience any symptoms such as fever, coughing or breathlessness.

      We continue to monitor corporate advice, along with guidance from the Department of Health, Public Health England and the World Health Organization and will provide further updates as the situation continues to evolve. Myself, Stephanie and the assistant team are continuously working to protect the organisation and people and we appreciate your continued support in these efforts.

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        Jordanna Cobella Thank you for sharing your efforts with the community! Great info.!


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