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      Sarah Minich

      I dye my hair dark brown and my roots were growing back (my natural hair is light brown) and I wanted all of my hair to go back toward the natural color so when my roots grow in next time it isn’t as noticeable. Without even thinking about it, I bought a sugar brown hair dye and dyed my whole head, well now of course since the majority of it is so dark it didn’t change much, my roots and the top of my hair are the color I want. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my hair back to the natural color that I want it without bleaching it/waiting years for it to grow out? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!!!

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      Christina Partridge

      Hi Sarah, my best advice to you is to book an appointment with a salon professional when you are able to. At this point, adding any more chemicals to your hair could render it unfixable.

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