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      Jeannete Flores

      I have years working at the same hair salon. We started with 10 employees to recently 6 but technically 3 because the other are the boss’s children(side job). We’ve always gotten paid in personal checks and get 1099 misc.
      We are a busy hair salon/barber shop. We enjoy being here. Our boss is flexible with us and turn the basement and back yard a space for our kids when we HAD no choice but to bring them(her future barbers).
      But that’s it. We have no vacation, no benefits, nothing. We are strictly commissioned based.
      We thought we were getting the upper hand but we caught up with our old co workers and told us “open your eyes, get out there is so many options out there.”
      We been so comfortable and felt like family. I feel so foolish.
      One of our client owns a restaurant where they sell tamales. She recently got her employees paid vacation and getting them into a 401k.
      Ive under value myself and I never knew it. I am asking for help. What should I do? Should demand more or get my own salon? And what should I demand for anyways?

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      Christina Partridge

      I guess this all depends on how much you are paid. Would you make more being in your own place, but paying all the expenses? Would you then be able to afford paid time off and other benefits. This is when you get out a calculator and do some research. I am a suite renter so I pay a lease to the building I am in. I pay for everything. I do make a decent wage, but I do not have benefits like retirement or paid leave. It is pretty unheard of in this industry unless you work in a franchise salon at minimum wage. Look up the median income of a stylist in your state. Do you make more than this where you are at? Is there room for growth? Wage or commission negotiation? If it is a dead end then I would consider looking into other options, but definitely do your research. ♡

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      Fay Linson

      I agree with Christina – you need to crunch your numbers. I’m a salon owner, for many years we were a commission based salon and paid a commission of 43-50% (depending on a number of staff goals that they had to hit). We had paid vacation/sick leave (FT was 2 weeks/year), contributed to a 401K, and paid for a set amount of classes each year. Fast forward to present: we switched to a rental salon about 7 years ago and not a single staff member now contributes to a retirement plan, none contribute to disability insurance, most think classes are too expensive and will only do the $45 2 hour ones that are at the local Salon Centric, few save for vacations, few have cash savings themselves and this whole Shelter-in-Place thing is killing them. They all “make more money” but don’t have the ability to save any for these types of “benefits”. I think it’s a very difficult thing to pay for all those things yourself, you have to be very disciplined and most people just don’t do it. It’s one of those things that easier said than done. So I’d say look hard at all the numbers and see what makes sense for you. And think about what it is that you want, what’s important for your life – vacation, paid sick days, retirement account?

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