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      State By State Discussion: This is where you can post any questions or topics relevant to beauty professionals in the state of Florida.

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      kat carmody

      anyone having clients asking what to do about their hair if salons close for a period of time? let us know some feed back be safe!

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      Dori Jungklaus

      I have moved up some of my color clients who would get “ stuck” if we are mandated to shut down. I’m a booth renter and we are all very slow. Kind of eerie..

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      I have done the same thing, since I’ve had cancellations I’m giving my clients the option to come in sooner.

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      Kelly Berry

      How many salons have closed in Florida ?

      What city are you in? Do you have a re-open date in mind?

      My Salon is in Loxahatchee (palm beach county) All Yours Hair & Nail Salon Hopefully 4/1/2020

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      kat carmody

      Not sure how many closed it is up to the salon own

      We are scheduled to open april 6th as that is our 14 day stay at home requested

      We are here in Naples Florida were most of our clientele is over 65 it’s frustrating as we try and stand together in our industry yet some of us are not working and some of us are that people are still out at the Home Depot the grocery stores we are taking the precautions but are our clients? Just wish we were mandated !

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      Kelly Berry

      Palm Beach County executive order effective 3/25/2020 stated salons could stay open if we could ” Fully adhere to CDC and FDOH guidelines”
      Salons cannot adhere to the 6ft social distancing.

      I am with you on just mandating, it would be universal and most importantly clear for everyone.

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      Dori Jungklaus

      It’s hard to stay compliant with social distancing if we are working. I am choosing to sit this one out for another week. Our mayor has said to close any business that cannot comply yet so many salons remain open in my area!

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      kat carmody

      Yes! So hard I thought we were in this together 😞 I understand that we all need funds to live but I feel defeated when you do the right thing and keep within the guidelines when there is no one guiding us to do the right thing some salon stay open and some close frustrating to say the least but at the end of the day we know we did the right thing by closing despite losing two of pay and just open we new guidelines in place some how felt pointless to close and stay close but already made the commitment so hang in there!!!

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      Hi! If you’re looking for information on when your state is allowing salons to reopen, check out our State-By-State Guide For Salon Reopenings. We will be constantly updating this page for new developments.

      Your State by State Guide for Salons Reopening

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