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      If so, where do you live, what is their age and level of sickness?

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      Laurie Kennedy

      Yes, 40’s. Very sick, not in hospital. Fever, cough and having trouble breathing. Tacoma, Washington

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      The client I had yesterday told me her employee is now self quarantined because her boyfriend just got back from Seattle and tested positive. I live in St. Louis.

      My other client told me :
      “One of her closest friends has a friend who is a confirmed case. Her friend is now showing symptoms and she was with both of them on Tuesday. Ugh!”

      (This was in response to me asking how her daughter at Cambridge (England) was doing…….)

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      Shantel Keeley Antonelli

      One elementary school in town has a positive tested student, and one preschool in town has a positive tested student. We have clients who’s children attend these facilities.

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