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      Lisa Overton

      I heard that you can file for disaster relief unemployment for self employmed through fema. Not sure how each state is doing it. But in arkansas you have to apply with your local employment office first. They will deny it , then you can apply through fema. It sounds like a lot of work. But hey, nothing else to do.

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      We reached out to FEMA today and they referred us back to SBA!

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        Kaela Hollis

        Hi question is the sba a loan that we hairdressers have to pay back since no one is helping us
        Fema won’t give us anything and you can’t. Apply on unemployment because it’s system crashes every second

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      Hi Lisa Overton! I have a question.. So, Did you apply through FIMA? Is it doable? Did you get any response?
      Thank you, Alla

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      Lisa Overton

      I have not applied . I am a salon owner and have booth renters in my salon but they are planning too.. I just heard about this and thought id post to see if anyone had done this .

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      armida saavedra

      My husband and I are salon owners and have 8 chairs that we rent out, what is our option? It will be a great hardship on us because we both do hair.

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      Jessica Moon

      Have you tried applying through your states unemployment? I just filled through Oregon, I think the stimulus passed that unemployment is changing terms for now. I haven’t heard back yet, and I dont know if this is true or not. But worth looking into.

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      On 3/27, I tried to file for unemployment thru FEMA first & was directed to the state of CA.
      I applied as “self employed”, under Public Health.
      No guarantee I’ll be granted any money, & will be notified by mail around 4/6. I may be asked for a phone interview.
      I hope I’m approved.
      I will see if I qualify as a sole proprietor next.
      I spent 3 hours contacting banks, insurance companies, credit cards, etc on 3/24. Most were accommodating, And some said “we’ll let you know.”
      Whatever our “new normal” will be, I plan to look for some type of insurance that will cover me in the future.

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      Sarah Beck

      I was sent to unemployment, I’m a salon owner, was denied. Texas hasn’t implemented a self employed unemployment last I checked. SBA is offering a low interest long term loan for small businesses and sole proprietorship. They may be forgiven in the end.

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        Kaela Hollis

        Hi what insurance have you heard about to look into to see if we get covered this is so hard

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          Lisa Overton

          Im a new salon owner with 4 stylist 3 are boothrent & 1 commission stylist. Im looking at going with the SBC loan instead of filing unemployment . It will should work out better and help my stylist since i do pay them all commission on retail . Bonuses and prizes on retail contest . Im talking to my accountant today to see what the tax law says and if i can apply .

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        Lisa Overton

        Aflac diability insurance is the only one i know of

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          I have short term disability with Aflac and I will only get a check from them if I get sick and I can prove it with a positive test result. It’s ridiculous because it’s almost impossible to get tested anyway. Go figure.

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      Kaela Hollis

      Does any one know how we stylist can get help with out taking the sba loan I know if I have to I will
      But why are we always put in the dark need help

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      I’m a salon owner with renters in Mass and we are under mandatory shut down. I’ve really been trying hard to follow all that’s going on so here’s what I think (lol) I know…. under the CARE act that just passed self employed and independent contractors will be able to apply for unemployment. Where in the past we cannot. Now… when can we??? That I cannot answer as I cant get absolutely anyone to answer my emails or calls. I’ve never heard anything having to do with FEMA but it might be different in each state. I’m pretty sure you will file under your states unemployment. Check out thier sites and check often for updates. God I hope they allow us soon as now we might be looking at april 30th ugh

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        Pam Chambers

        Self employed and independent contractors can apply April 10 for the cares act.
        Sole proprietor business owners can April 3rd

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          debra bouyer

          I am a self employed hairdresser and I signed up yesterday for the covid -19 virus disaster unemployment in Texas. I have been trying all week. But last night it let me sign up. Should be hearing something in a few days. Good luck to all. Stay safe! The unemployment office in Texas is 24 hrs a day now.

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      Kaela Hollis

      Hi how can we apply if we are 1099
      self employed
      I work for a salon I get
      Personal checks weekly with no taxes taking out would that be considered as self employed?
      Or solo proprietor

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        You can apply for an SBA low interest loan on 4/10 as a 1099 self employed contractor, either through a bank or an attorney who specializes in SBAs.
        You can find the CARES act details online .

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        Alice Kobzoff


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