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      Carol Guinipero

      Hello everyone! I need advice. I have been doing this client for almost 10 years now. She is very political and opinionated. Most of the time, I just take what she says, just do my job and see her again in 5 weeks. During the pandemic, she has gotten increasingly difficult. She is not vaccinated. Our state policy says that if you are not vaccinated, you have to wear a mask in the salon setting. When she came in, we all had masks on because one of our stylists had covid and cannot be vaccinated until July, so when she works, we all wear a mask. This client came in with a nasty look on her face and no mask on. She said, “didn’t you hear, King Cuomo said no masks are required. We don’t need these anymore.” I explained to her about my stylist not being vaccinated and she went on a tirade about how it was nobody’s business and we had no right to ask who is vaccinated or not. From there, she put her mask on like a beard on her chin. The entire time, she kept giving my stylist dirty looks and making comments. It was a 2 hour color service. When I started applying her color, she took her mask off. At the end when I was cutting her hair, she put it back on but made nasty comments the entire time. I don’t feel like I want to have her in the salon anymore. She is booked in 3 weeks and I want to cut her loose. It made the entire salon atmosphere so uncomfortable and I felt like she was disrespectful. What advice can you give? What should I say to her?

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