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      Thanks to all who took our initial survey. Now that the situation is RAPIDLY changing, we are tabulating the results of the first survey and have opened a SECOND survey. Many of you said that you would have answered differently a day ago.


      Thank you!

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      Kari O’Neill

      I am very interested in all the survey responses. Great questions. And as I answered I will share here, I have asked my clients if they’re sick at all, please re-schedule. I had a client with a head cold the other day. She assured me it wasn’t corona v. I asked if she was tested and nope. So then what? In my area of Canada I feel like it’s a 50/50 split with 50% of people laughing at the 50% who are taking extreme precautions during this time to slow the curve. They have arguments that everyone is over reacting, it’s no different then SARS or H1N1 or the normal flu and “settle down” mentality. So if those 50% are my regular long time clients do we argue? Do I stand firm and refuse them and lose them as a client over this? It’s a difficult situation in more ways then one….after my “sick guest” left i sanitized the shit out of the salon, bathroom and door, and hand washed properly, but now I hear distance is the real worry, in our industry distance is unavoidable. 🤷‍♀️

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      Lisa Bearden

      Very few cancellations as of today. I am disinfecting everything touched in between each client. I will have a mask available to wear if they request it. -WA

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      Up until today had one cancellation due to this. Woke up today and BAM! People are rushing to reschedule. Schools are closed- no one to watch the kids. Companies are having employees work from home and the news and social media sites are telling people to stay home. So more clients feel like their hair can wait. I was sick first of March and was off all week. Two unplanned weeks off is a big hit to me financially. And it’s only just begun! Praying there is a silver lining somewhere. Northern California

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      nicole moore

      This has killed my business in Washington closed for a week the amount of money I am losing daily is making me ill they said two weeks and I hear we may have a full Mandatory shut down if that people don’t apply social distancing… I’m so scared about my rent at the salon I’m scared about all my bills that I’m not getting paid and more importantly the ramifications of this to my actual business not to mention I feel as if we were the first ones light off but the bill is still not been signed and granting us un employment I have two kids and a ton of bills destroyed me would be the words

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