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      BTC has created resources you can immediately use in your salon or suite to help your clients and staff feel more equipped to deal with coronavirus. You can access them here: https://behindthechair.com/coronavirus-downloadables/

      Here’s What You’ll Get:

      • Pre-designed Instagram posts to post on your social media to alert clients of your cleaning regimen, cancellation and sick policies.

      • Salon Reopening Signage to promote your safe space.

      • A Salon Disinfection Printable PDF to hang in your break room and discuss with your staff.

      • A Salon Policies Printable PDF for your front desk or to send to clients on the steps your salon is taking for safety.

      • A Mirror Hanger Printable PDF so your guests can read how you’re being safe.

      • Salon Checklist Printable PDFs on how to clean and disinfect before opening, between services and daily maintenance.

      • A Landlord Letter to ask for temporary relief.

      • Color Waiver Kit Liability Release Form for your clients.


    • #720795
      Sharon Bates

      Thank you for these great resources if we all do our part we can stop the spread of this virus and get back to business as usual.

      • #720930
        Tara Stieffenhofer

        Thank you!! ✂️✂️

    • #720807

      Thank you! These are great and I will use them.

    • #720821
      Tonya Christine Good-Heuring

      Thank you! Stay healthy♥️

    • #720839
      Erica Miner

      Thank you so very much! Saves us time from having to type these up ourselves! Thank you for always supporting us Beauty Pros!

    • #720850
      Brookes Monat

      Make me a sign asking everyone to keep there devices away or wipe them off. Washing hands is great but then they all just grab their dirty phones while porcessing!

    • #720896
      Hurson Nic

      Thank you for these posts 🙌🏻💓

      • #720929
        Tara Stieffenhofer


    • #720897
      catherine pym

      Thank you! So helpful ❤️

    • #720910
      Shauna Beveridge

      Thank you. So very helpful. Stay healthy ❤

    • #720912
      Laura DiJoseph Shields

      These are so helpful! Thank you!

    • #720931
      Lorry Green

      This is wonderful!!! Thank you!!!

    • #720943
      Lisa Jane

      Thank you for that 🙂

    • #720959
      Tanya Marie Wood

      Thank you!!!
      Behind the chair 🙌🏻 Always there

    • #720967
      Stephanie Pinkster

      Thank you soooo much for these resources!!

    • #720968

      Thank you for these downloads! I have just printed them out for all of our Studio Salons. It’s so comforting to know I am part of a great caring community that shares the same interest, fears, concerns, hopes and faith. May we all be healthy,

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      Leilani Del Campo

      Thank you!! These are great!!

    • #720997
      Sarah OLeary

      Thank you so much! The mirror hanger has been very effective at grabbing attention and informing!

    • #720999
      Vaughnie Klaft

      This is great info. Kindly written and usable. It as helped calm my nerves too. Thank you so much.

    • #721061
      kat carmody

      Clients are asking if we are closed down for any length of time. what can they do on there own at home to maintane their color. what would be a good way to advise them without encouraging box color?

    • #721193
      Stacey Canning

      Thank you so much so helpful . Will download so clients can see . Will help us all to be safe . Praying for us all to stay safe and employed.

    • #721420
      Ana Delafuente Rodriguez

      what is the call on in home appointments while your state has shut down barbershops and salons ? I know some states have said they would fine and/or suspend yourself license. What is the info on that ?

    • #721513
      Dana Racki

      These are great!! Thank you very much!!

    • #724418
      Ashley Daddona

      I can’t find the letter for the landlord, can someone help direct me to where that might be. Thanks!!!

    • #724609
      Trina Bancarz

      Thank you! So nice:D

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