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      I am a stylist in New Hampshire. Our Gov. Had just issues a stay at home and non-essential business closures until May 4.
      I am having clients ask me for their formulas, they have asked me to sell them color, and a few have asked me to come to their homes to do their hair.
      I love that my clients care about having their hair done. But, I can’t comprise my ethics and the standards of our business to keep them happy. I don’t know anything about box color, nor do I want to point them in that direction (it will probably give me more work and headaches in the long run).
      My license does not allow me to do hair in people’s homes unless they are physically unable to leave their homes. I do not feel comfortable going into client’s homes, especially now and my insurance also doesn’t cover that.
      What are other stylists doing? I am currently telling everyone to embrace hats and pretty scarfs.

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      Dont devalue our craft, dont sell color. Tell them to wait like everyone else in the world. We are mandated to stay home, who’s really going to see you?

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      Jennifer Rodriguez

      Hello. I feel the same. Don’t don’t do it. If we want to help. But that’s the point of the social distancing. It is fir the greater good. They may not be happy, but they will respect you. And in our salon Redken has at home box kits called Rootfushion. Look it up. We are offering that as an option to our color clients. There are only about 21 shades, but it is an option. We have had about 10 clients want them. I met 3 at curbside, and the others were either mailed or dropped off on their doorsteps. Hope that helps!

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      Thank you for letting me know about the Rootfusion. I will go and check this out today.

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      Helena Olivares

      I’ve looked everywhere for the Redken Root Fusion. Anyone have any suggestions for where I can get it that maybe I haven’t tried looking yet? I can’t buy directly from Redken? Also, any alternative product suggestions to what to have clients use for root touch ups for now? I feel like my clients are all gonna come knocking on my door any day now 🤪

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      Kerry Searight

      Don’t do it. Were are they going any way. Tell them to wear a hat. Also like I told another friend. Tell her you were exposed to the covid 19 virus and tell her if she doesn’t mine if she gets exposed lol. Also tell her there a 50 extra charge on top of everything else. Then see how fast her tune will change . I say don’t risk it. Shame on her for asking. I
      Got all my customers afraid to ask me be they know I won’t do it. They will have to wait for me. Also I told them I’ve been taking care of them for years and with all due respect that this is something out of my hands that I can’t do anything about for them to please wait and put a hat on it .

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        Carla Vestering

        Spot on !!!!

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      Ryan McCann

      Thanks to creative instagramers my stylists found out about root kits. I will be doing root kits for people with their individual color put into a container so they can’t see what color I and can’t buy it online. I charge $65 a for supplies and labor and hand deliver it. They need to use it same day. I’m in a pricey area of California so i usually charge $110 for roots so I based it on that. Base it on your usual prices. it’s a win win.

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      Carla Vestering

      I am a hairstylist in Australia we theoretically can still trade here.Which I do not agree with so I have closed down.I have also have been struggling to make a decision.From a business perspective and only for now for a select few I have sold colour packages only to clients who I feel are able to tackle a regrowth application for a basic tint.We also have to watch our stock levels for when we are able to return.In short balance your decision to suit your self and your profession first …Every thing else comes second.As for visiting people at home for any hair service NO WAY.They will have more RESPECT for us when we are back on deck. Good luck to every other hairstylist on the other side of the world🙏

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