BTC STYLIST FORUM Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion Are Your Clients/Team Coming In Sick?

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      Tell us below!

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      nicole farzam

      People are taking this seriously. For the first time in a long time people are NOT coming in sick.

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      Sophia Emmanuel

      Same here for us. once in a while we get clients that come in sick but people are taking this serious and staying home!

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      Rosana DiVaio

      Same for me. Normally clients come in sick but I have had a few people cancel due to illness and everyone else seems healthy.

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      Gale Fantry

      Clients are being respectful and not coming in sick. No one is coughing or sneezing.

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      Julie Tunick

      I had a client come in straight off of a plane with his suitcase. He asked to come in the next morning for a clean up around his hairline and never showed. Assuming he was sick because when he came in, he didn’t look well. So glad he didn’t come back!

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      Adriana Marquez

      It’s unbelievable but they are! Also coworkers I’ve been coughed on by my clients. I don’t know what to do most just use the excuse that they are getting over a cold or flu with a lingering cough and that they are no longer contagious. What do I do?

Viewing 6 reply threads
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