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      Tell us below!

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      Brenda Guzman-McField

      Yes, we had a wedding cancel for next week and one the following week, both were expecting guests from out of town

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      Noelle Spinosa McCullock

      I have a salon 10 minutes north of Boston and I received 1 cancellation today from a client, her child was exposed to the coronavirus and they were self quarantining. I believe there will be many more to come since schools are cancelled, there will be child care problems as well as financial issues. Health is most important for clients & staff. We have upped our sanitation and ask clients/staff with symptoms to reschedule appts etc.

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      Yes! 2 weddings cancelled already and salon was a ghost town with cancellations today.
      Long Island.

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      Courtney Marie Johnson

      Yes clients are starting to cancel. This I have had a few cancellations due to the virus, and 2 due to illness

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      Chelsey Wilkes

      Just north of Atlanta, we’ve had some cancellations, but also people calling to take those spots.

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      Rosana DiVaio

      Yes. I live in a beach town heavily reliant on tourism and the local economy is being hit really hard. My clients are being laid off/having hours cut and are beginning to cancel their appointments. As of today, many businesses have closed.

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      Alessandra DiBella

      Yes, we are seeing a LOT of cancellations, our book for the upcoming week has dropped by at least half. People are afraid to leave their houses for “unnecessary” appointments and really just taking extra precaution when it comes to the virus. We are located in Central Jersey.

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      Yes,Ive had my completely full schedule go to no clients until mid April and most waiting to reschedule bc we really don’t know how bad its going to get!

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      Danielle Nicole

      Also in Atlanta and we had cancelations as well as new appointments being book. I am near the CDC and Emory so it’s definitely quite near me.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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