BTC STYLIST FORUM Hairdresser Coronavirus Discussion Are You Seeing Client Cancellations Yet? If So, Please Share!

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      Please share below!

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      So far, only one cancellation today from an senior with fragile health. Her daughter kindly took her appointment. Even my client w/Parkinson’s was in today.

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      Heidi Blasingame

      So far just one, she is 94 and didn’t want to risk it tomorrow.

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      H M

      Just one so far, for next week. All tomorrow’s clients confirmed.

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      Iris c

      We’ve called clients and ask for them to bring no extra guests unless a child accompanied by a parent. A few cancelled or reschedule but all other held on to their app. Some said they aren’t feeling well, but we were thankful they chose to stay home.

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      Erin Ford

      Yes I have had 7 cancellations so far.

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      darlene Luckenbill

      So far just one. Started scheduling customers with plenty of time so they are gone before my next one comes in. I can do this since I have my salon in my home & the only one working.

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      Kenzie Carnahan

      No cancellation yet!!

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      Bianca Magallanes

      I have been pretty busy. I feel like our job provides a distraction from the madness to people. I’m in a hard spot wondering if I should work or not. I personally feel like it’s ok to work but I’m seeing threads here that make me think otherwise. Shoot.

Viewing 8 reply threads
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