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      Let’s chat.

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      Heidi Blasingame

      I’m mostly scared for my 94 year old regular. I’m scared that someone will come in and spread it to her!

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      Angela Wigen

      I’m scared. I’m immune compromised, I just beat cancer and then ended up in the hospital with pneumonia 2 weeks ago. I don’t feel comfortable working on clients. There are 3 confirmed cases of the virus in my small town and most people here treat it like a big joke. I’m not worried about my financial situation, I’ll be ok. I’m far more concerned with my health at this point.

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        Ashley Salisbury

        You should be. You are definitely at risk. Are you continuing to work or staying home?

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          Deb Smith Stokes

          I also just finished treatment for Breast cancer, I have decided to take 2 weeks off and re evaluate then, no job is worth our health

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          Angela Wigen

          That sounds good, I’ll most likely do the same. Take care of yourself, health is truly #1 priority!

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          Angela Wigen

          I’m going in tomorrow for a few cuts, then I think I’ll take some time off. I’m an employed Stylist but my boss knows my concerns and seems supportive. I just wonder how long salons will continue to stay open if things get more serious…

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      Erin Ford

      I am a makeup artist and esthetician. I am definitely worried about working so close to people’s faces. I really want to cancel on the upcoming appointments and weddings I have for the next month. I do not think it’s safe to continue, even with wearing masks and/ or gloves. We need to be responsible and help to slow the spread of this virus and protect ourselves and our clients. Has anyone else cancelled on any of their brides so far?

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        Robin Cordova

        I’m definitely wanting to cancel a wedding I have scheduled here in a few weeks. They are coming from out of state and I work out of my home. PLUS I’ll be almost 30 weeks pregnant. I’m just not sure what to do at this point.

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          Rhiannon Savannah

          I think you should cancel. A newborn baby was born with coronavirus just the other day because the mother had contracted it just before the baby was born.
          If your clients don’t understand, they don’t deserve you!

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      Shannon Shahan Frediani

      It has me worried I’m in Washington State where we all know it’s one of the worst states! I just had a client come in first thing and told me she’s sick that she just started coming down with what she thinks is a cold! I went ahead and did her two hour appointment but asked her not to talk to avoid spreading whatever she had! I told her she needed to stay home if she’s sick! I just didn’t know what to do ! I kinda froze now I feel I should have asked her to leave. I’m in a smaller town/ area ( I was in the Seattle westside 7 months prior) Iv noticed people act as if it’s a joke or no big deal it’s a bit upsetting! I’m overly cautious tho and I’m in the high risk category.

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      Robin Cordova

      I’m in Utah. I have a salon in my home and I’m 25 weeks pregnant. The virus isn’t here in our area yet but I’m starting to get worried as it spreads. 1# for the fact I’m pregnant. 2# I don’t want sickness entering my home and infecting my family. 3# I honestly don’t trust clients when it comes to being sick. We all know clients seem to never listen and come in sick anyways.

      When is it so serious you close up shop for a bit? Schools are closed here for the next 3 weeks as a precaution. Being pregnant makes this situation even more difficult. The last thing I want is for me or my family to become ill. I trust myself to clean and sanitize properly… but I don’t necessarily trust others to do so. I also have a couple guests scheduled for a wedding in a few weeks coming from out of state (not wedding party, just guests). How do I handlr those appointments? I’m terrified they are gonna bring something with them assuming nobody is on lock down and the wedding still happens. Helpppp. What is everyone else’s opinions?

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        Jammie Brooks

        I’m also in Utah with a home salon. I have the same concerns. My clients have become friends and sometimes I feel they think “awe she won’t mind if I’m sick” I don’t want my clients bringing the illness to my home and family. We don’t have any cases in my County yet so for now I am sending a text to all my clients basically saying 1) I care for them and appreciate their business 2) I’m asking them to reschedule if they are ill or have been around anyone ill and 3) Letting them know if they are uncomfortable keeping their appointment I am happy to reschedule for their peace of mind. I also stated as conditions continue to change I may need to re-evaluate the decision to stay open. I closed with “We’re all in this together, please stay healthy”

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      Crystal Danielle Casey

      I’m supposed to move in 2.5 weeks and I’m terrified to sign my lease. Not only because of what can happen with the salon but also bc of what is going on with the economy & how long this can last. If the economy continues to take a hard turn, it can also mean the companies I do Business with on social media can cut funding for advertising & that cuts a big chunk of my income. Income that helped me be able to make the decision to move. If I don’t sign I lose my apartment.

      This is of course all on top of catching this thing & having no health insurance. While I don’t have any immunity issues I’m facing, my dad does & im terrified to catch this and give it to him (I currently live at home). But I also can not afford to not work.

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      shelly peterson

      I am a stylist and salon owner in washington state. (Woodinville, basically in the epicenter of all the cases in Washington) I’m also 10 weeks pregnant. My dr told me last week I was fine to continue to work As long and I washed my hands and sanitized my stations and everything that gets touched between clients. But with the number of cases continuing to grow so rapidly makes me really worried that it’s just a matter of time that we cross paths. I’m tempted to cancel my next two weeks and reassess after that. Any other local stylists that can offer advice?

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      Leslie Schuh

      I fear every person will suffer some type of consequence from this…its going to get worse before it gets better…ohio

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      I’m worried because I feel like the majority of stylists in our salon aren’t worried, and if we all aren’t on the same page of cleaning and wiping shared surfaces especially, it does no good. I can keep my space clean in between clients but what about waiting area and bathroom, and drink area… from Midwest where we are starting to see more cases now.

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      Kelly Lush

      I’m very concerned. I feel that the government and its agencies are largely ignoring our industry. I’m not worried about getting sick myself – I’m worried that any of us could be carriers at this point. The extent of the spread of this virus is unknown since testing has been a joke.

      I’m worried about the clients who are at risk. I’m worried that we could be trying our best with increased sanitization and cleaning, but that it’s too little too late. I’m worried about being the cause of more at-risk people contracting this. I’m frustrated with the salon owner, I feel he’s not taking this seriously enough.

      I live in New York state and they just closed all movie theaters, casinos, bars, and made all restaurants go to delivery or take out only. Not sure whether they forgot our industry or are ignoring it, but it’s only a matter of time until they wake up and make us close too. The governor is urging all private business to close, to work from home. Obviously we don’t have the work from home option. We don’t work, we don’t get paid. I’m terrified of the financial ramifications to the salon and to myself. My anxiety is so high, I can barely function.

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      Back at work today, and I’ve been really torn about working, it’s a difficult decision to make but it makes it really worse when others in the salon don’t think it’s anything to worry about, they don’t clean in between clients, they don’t help sanitize the rest of the salon, we are all rental so we have common areas, waiting area, drink area, bathroom, door handles , front desk… I would like a snack or drink of water too, not to mention if I want a clean cape for everyone I’ve been making sure the laundry goes in more often. This is exhausting and I feel dangerous if everyone doesn’t do their part, I can’t keep up!

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      I don’t think it’s worth doing all of that (meaning everything in the salon for everyone that doesn’t care to clean and sanitize) for your booth rental salon. It isn’t right or fair. I would be in the same situation but I chose not to work this week and maybe next week. So that I don’t have to worry about that too.
      This virus, my family, friends, clients, there families….ect…are enough to worry about. I’m not sure why everyone thinks this is a debate. It’s a national emergency it has happened like two times before. It’s serious shit! I mean let’s hope it gets better before worse. But we all have to hell that happen or it’ll be worse before we know it.

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