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      Mary Rector-Gable

      Please let us know your thoughts about this. When is it the right time or is it?

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      Tom Kowalski

      I myself am not planning to shut down my salon suite. If I don’t have any clients, I will stay home. I do need to make a living though. So if clients are still willing to come in, I will go in as well.

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      Camille A Battle

      I’m closing after today. I have kids at home. We can be exposed to this virus for up to 14 days before showing symptoms. We are face to face with clients. Anything I can do to spread it. I am going to be hurting financially but think it’s important to do what I can.

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        I think a lot of us are just looking at the short term effect of “it’s a virus, I’ll wash my hands, I’m not sick” but the reason why businesses and establishments are closing is to bend the curve once our symptoms start showing so we can observe the next week or two – I know it’s a financial hit but if we continue to have encounters while we’re observing it can devastate the health care system and won’t give nurses and doctors even a fighting chance. Which means from that effect businesses will inevitably have to close for months and people will lose their jobs if it gets dragged on for months instead of just observing for at least a week or two now. It’s about the whole community not just our own possible financial immediate effects. It’s not just about washing our hands, it’s airborne.

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        ellen yusko

        What state are you in? We are in Pa and just starting to have these conversations…

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          Camille A Battle

          I’m in Albuquerque NM. We have 12 confirmed cases.

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      Not until one of us has the virus have each client sanitizer their hands when they come in

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      Theresa Thigpen

      You dont know, what the past two weeks has held for each client walking in the door. You can wipe and wash, but you can not guarantee anything to anyone. If someone is exposed, you or client and take it to anyone else that passes away because they are compromised. How can we live with that? Hairdressers are generally smarter than the average bear. We have to shut down timely, not too soon, not too late. We need to say no, for the clients good, not just our own. Please think beyond your wallet folks. Lets not perpetuate this thing longer, so we can prove we are invincible. Watch daily the saturation in your area. Cases double everyday. Lets close, to eliminate over loading the medical facilities and their staff. If we choose together as a professional group to protect our communities, they will come running back with smiles and hugs. They will miss us, but they will be alive, and we will make them beautiful again.

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      madison pizer

      For the greater good, I will he shutting down my chair until the end of March. I will reassess at that time. I am healthy and young, but myself and my clients could infect others. #flattenthecurve it’s not about me, it’s about us.

      *edit: I am in DC and live 900 ft from the first report of the virus in the city.

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      kristina cheeseman

      My landlord is thinking about closing the shop for 1-2 weeks with a discount in rent.

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      Rachel Szall Gonet

      The salon I rent from has no plans to shut down. I am a nail tech and am really struggling with this as social distancing is impossible if I’m holding hands with my clients and sitting a foot away from them. I would be the first to make this decision in our area and I’m not afraid of that I’m just not sure when to pull the plug. Also I’m in CT

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      I’m torn with this. My co worker doesn’t plan on shutting down his chair. I have a baby at home. My husband thinks I should stay home. I’m in Illinois we have had cases in the area of my salon. And all around it. Since he is not and we have a chair rental situation I feel bad shutting my chair down. I wish someone would just tell me what to do. Ahhhhhh.

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        Hey love, I know it’s a scary time because we’re in limbo, but the right thing to do is shut down… continuing to stay open continues to possibly spread more as People can carry COVID without symptoms for a good amount of time. Shutting down will give the health care system A fighting chance in bending the curve and not being completely overwhelmed… Because the greater disaster is the hospitals being overwhelmed and overcrowded once the symptoms reveals itself. the US hasn’t responded to COVID aggressively even though we’ve had examples and a long time to prepare. In not ordering everyone to shut down corona will only last even longer meaning we will inevitable stay closed for even longer than what could’ve been slowed down and prevented as much as we can- so staying open and taking in clients now is actually short term money vs having to completely close business for even longer because of this for everyone not just them. It’s only now slowing down in China and South Korea because they shut down immediately and locked down the city and offered free testing. The US is dropping the ball as ordering a mandatory shut down would mean taking somewhat of accountability in offering us relief. Hope this information helps.

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      amanda adamson

      I am in AK. One confirmed case here, as of yet, zero community transmission. Schools/childcare are closed till 3/30. Closed my salon from 3/13-3/25 (I work alone in a small salon). Will reopen from 3/25-3/29, so I can pay the bills for April and not lose everything I’ve built for the last 16 years, then close again 3/30-4/8. It was the best compromise I could come up with and our situation up here is different since, as of now, our risk is low.

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      Leslie Schuh

      As of now were taking precautions and waiting to see where this all goes…ohio

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      kristina cheeseman

      My landlord told the suite renters today that we will be closing Friday and will decide when to re-open on a week by week basis. They are discounting our rent but we still have to pay rent during this time. This rubs me the wrong way, is this legal?

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      Debbie Claffey

      We aren’t closing down we’re stepping up our sanitizing everything down in between clients and having clients sanitize their hands when they come in. We’ll be reaccessing the situation each week and see how things will unfold.

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      Kristin Snyder

      I created a petition to raise awareness because although our elected officials have begun to draft legislation to help employers and employees, those of us that are self employed aren’t covered by these drafted bills.


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      Megan Broga

      I am shutting down my suite. Im in MA, and I am around a lot of coworkers who just traveled to hot spots, at risk parents, and an at risk grandparent. Most of this spread happens while people are asymtomatic, meaning they wont feel any different, so why would they cancel an appointment? This spreads through droplets in the air, its eccentially airborne, but it passes through laughs, sighs, anything involving the mouth. We are most susceptible to spread this because we are all mostly young and healthy, so we won’t get sick. Everybody who will die in two weeks, is probably getting infected today, unknowingly, especially with Saint Patrick’s Day being tomorrow. If I don’t shut down now, this will last months rather than weeks.

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      Megan Kristine

      My salon owner decided today to shut down the salon until further notice. I am in Los Angeles and all dine-in restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theaters have been closed.

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      Janean Baird

      I am in one of six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area that announced today that as of midnight we are officially under order to “Shelter in Place” until April 7th. Sola has asked that we get what we need from our suite and not re-enter the building until further notice. All “non-essential” businesses are to comply. I hope this accomplished what they hope it does. It’s a weird feeling and I can’t imagine what the next step would be like. Be safe everyone.

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      marlanea wagner

      Pregnant Oregon salon owner & tech
      (due in June)
      At this point I’m allowing my small team of independent contractors to have their say and work if they want to.
      After doing a lot of reading and gathering info, I have decided I’m going to reschedule these next 2 weeks and see how things play out over the next month. This has been a really hard choice but I feel it is the right one.

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      Marcy Middleton

      I am in Oegon and I made the decision to not be behind the chair for 2 weeks. It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my 18 years of doing hair, but I had to follow my gut that was telling me to be socially responsible and abide by the CDC guidelines for social distancing. I have four children and we rely on my full time income, but I trust and believe making the ethical decision in this situation will help save lives. I am not fearful of getting the virus, but the possibility of exposure is high seeing 6-10 people a day plus the remainder of the people in the salon. My kids schools have been shut down until April 28th out of precaution. I know we all have to make our decision on this based on our own personal logic and morals. I hope this helps anyone wrestling with this decision as I was one of them until I decided yesterday to abide by CDC guidelines for social distancing for 14 days.

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      Our salon is closed for 2 weeks (for now) and I already have clients panicked about their new growth. Some want formulas, other want color drop off so they can apply it themselves. I feel torn, if I cross this line do I lose integrity as a colorist? Please, what are your thoughts? What are you all doing to calm your clients’ panic?

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      Oh my goodness, I would tell those clients they’re not going to be seeing anyone, they dont need to worry. Also, you cannot give out your secret to your success. That’s crappie of them to even bully u that way! They will survive because if they get sick they’re not gonna care about them roots or anything else. You should not feel bad about not giving them your formulas or color. It’s two weeks. They will live….. Hopefully healthily!

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        Thank you @jenndeka, these are strange times indeed!

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      I am in Minnesota and have a salon in my home. We were ordered by the governor to shut down until March 27th. I will reassess then/ listen to whatever the restrictions are. My sister lives in China so I watched her go through this 9 weeks ago… it’s serious and needs to be taken serious. Close shop. Her stylist in China has been closed for the entire 8/9 weeks. Talk with land lords to work with the weekly rent. They want to stay open but won’t have renters if they keep charging full rent and people start permanently leaving the salon rentals during this.

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      Hollie Morin

      I live in Oklahoma, as of Monday I suspended my books and cancelled the 20 clients I had booked this week. Our salon is still technically open so we are still expected to pay booth rent which makes this whole thing very confusing. The CDC is telling us to socially distance ourselves but our salons are still open for business and expecting us to pay our rent. What to do?

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      We were shut down in NJ as of 3/19 8pm. We have all been laid off. I am a w-2 employee.

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