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      All of the state and city-wide “stay at home” orders requiring residents to remain home and non-essential businesses to be closed. We will be updating this thread with new information as it becomes available.


      -Alabama (until April 30)

      -Alaska (until April 24)

      -Arizona (until May 15)

      -California (no specific end date)

      -Colorado (until April 26)

      -Connecticut (until May 20)

      -Delaware (until May 15)

      -Washington D.C. (until May 15)

      -Florida (until April 30)

      -Georgia (until April 24)

      -Hawaii (until May 31)

      -Idaho (until April 30)

      -Illinois (until May 30)

      -Indiana (until May 1)

      -Kansas (until May 3)

      -Kentucky (no specific end date)

      -Louisiana (until May 15)

      -Maine (until April 30)

      -Maryland (no specific end date)

      -Massachusetts (until May 18)

      -Michigan (until May 15)

      -Minnesota (until May 18)

      -Mississippi (until May 11)

      – Missouri (until May 3)

      -Montana (until April 24)

      -Nevada (until May 15)

      -New Hampshire (until May 4)

      -New Jersey (no specific end date)

      -New Mexico (until May 15)

      -New York (until May 15)

      -North Carolina (until May 8)

      -Ohio (until May 1)

      -Oklahoma (until April 30)

      -Oregon (no specific end date)

      -Pennsylvania (until May 8)

      -Rhode Island (until May 8)

      -Tennessee (until April 30)

      -Texas (until April 30)

      -Vermont (until May 15)

      -Virginia (until June 10)

      -Washington (until May 31)

      -Washington D.C. (until May 15)

      -West Virginia (no specific end date)

      -Wisconsin (until May 26)



      -Charleston, SC

      -Summit, UT


      States WITHOUT stay-at-home orders:

      -Arkansas (Public places including restaurants and fitness centers are closed until further notice)

      -Iowa (Non-essential businesses remain closed until April 30)

      -Nebraska (Hair salons and tattoo parlors are closed until April 30. All organized sporting events are canceled until May 31)

      -North Dakota (All schools and non essential businesses remained closed)

      -South Carolina (State of emergency declaration active through April 27)

      -South Dakota 

      -Utah (All schools will remained closed until the end of the year. “Stay safe, stay home directive is effective until May 1)


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