BTC STYLIST FORUM Coronavirus Resources For Your Salon 10 Cost-Saving Strategies to Manage Through the Coronavirus

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      BTC Founder Mary Rector gave us 10 ways to manage money SMARTLY and make it through this uneasy period. Click HERE to read her advice!

      10 Cost-Saving Strategies to Manage Through The Coronavirus

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      I run my business out of studio salon. Sola. My studio is the first one as you enter the building. I posted about what I am doing to help with spread of germs etc and thought I was pretty immune to incurring a huge financial loss since my space is so private. Everything has been totally fine (I was sick first week of March- so there’s that) but had a great response to my posts about my efforts to protect myself and guests as much as possible. But today I woke up to panicked clients. Schools and companies in our area are shut down and doing everything remotely. One piece of advice I read here was to do house calls if I feel comfortable. I am not sure if that’s allowed in California. But no one is picking up the phone at State Board!

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