BTC STYLIST FORUM Coronavirus Resources For Your Salon At-Home Color Kit Waiver & Information Reply To: At-Home Color Kit Waiver & Information

Tyler Chanet

In my professional opinion we are already in a financial crisis with this COVID-19 that has paralyze the beauty industry, I believe if we open that pandora box and give our clients Hair color home kits.., It will destroy the single process color services we offer in the salon going forward. Our grey coverage single process client will continue to color their hair at home when this crisis is over with or without your kit. You will be teaching them how to properly apply color at home, once that lesson is learned they will I can promise you! They will continue to do it at home, they will now know what correct tone to buy to achieve the results they want so you can say; bye.. bye…to your every 3-4 week grey coverage client. Once they get the hang of the application process and they see the results they want, the Salon colorist will lose millions of dollars. The color clients that come in for grey covering is our money tickets because they are consistent in coming into the salon every 3-4 weeks. If we start selling them home kits it will back fire and we will lose way more then what is being lost in this crisis! Think about people….don’t jump of that ledge. Please!