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Do something every day that delights and excites you like finally taking a yoga class (online), watching education videos, learning a new skill or technique or taking a long uninterupted walks.

Make a gratitude list on your smart phone. Jot down 3 things every morning and everynight. It shows you in real time how blessed you really are. You have access to clean water, endless couch surfing, food in your fridge, electricity, no time restraints, etc.. there is alot to be grateful for.

Garbage In Garbage OUT is my motto, so be cautious of the screen time you give your mind daily. If you watch one hour of news you need to watch one hour of a comedy. You read endless Covid19 articles/ you should balance that with something that inspires you.

Commit to a random acts of kindness daily. Text a client, pick up a few items for your neighbor on your next grocery trip, write thank you cards, (I mean who wouldnt want a card in the mail at this time) etc.

Eat nutritious meals. We all went through the first couple weeks binging, but now we gotta get back in fighting shape. Dont pack on 20lbs that you will regret later. You are going to be busy when we green light and body is only going to respond as well as the fuel you put in it now.

Spend time everyday connecting with someone that inspires you, makes you laugh and makes you smile. This Saturday my entire family will be on a houseparty chat, even the kids, I am stoked.

Create a new playlist of songs that bring you Joy. Books that inspire you. Quotes that rock your world and make that your screensaver.

Lastly remember you are a HAIRDRESSER! We are cool, happy people who love to serve and we make people feel great on the inside and outside. Dont let this dull your SPARKLE!