BTC STYLIST FORUM Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters? Reply To: If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters?

Lisa Myers

Self employed individuals are not the same as sole proprietor business owners. If you own a business with a lease, you have many avenues to seek for relief as compared to an individual renting a chair. A sole proprietor salon owner has SBA low interest loans, unemployment is also available for you, and possibly some relief through your insurance or the Forced Majeure clause within your lease. The tiny booth renter has possibly expanded unemployment they are currently all waiting on, and the salon owner’s mercy, that’s it. In business education, when you decide to open a brick and mortar business, you are taught to save an emergency fund for such times as this. Your level of commitment to your salon should be much higher because you should have a business plan, equipment, a good building lease etc prior to opening. You can’t compare that to a boothrenter who typically is making only enough to live on from week to week and owns minimal supplies. It’s just convenient for salon owners to put a boothrenter on par with a salon business owner in a time such as this when there is no comparison. A responsible business owner would not attempt to squeeze blood from a turnip in lieu of seeking out the relief that is available to their business during this crisis.