BTC STYLIST FORUM Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters? Reply To: If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters?

Jennifer Burris

Hi everyone. I’ve owned studio style salons since 2002. I also still practice as a hairstylist still. This is a hard decision for all of us. Here’s my intake on how to handle everything. After looking at finances for the salon and what the salon could maintain realistically to continue to keep the doors open once this all passes. I made a decision and had an open forum with my stylist via video conference call about being responsible as a owner and stylist. Unfortunately, I had to make a decision that wasn’t easy but I did. I spoke with all the studio renters and explained that they would still have to pay their weekly rent but our releif plan would be as follows:
*If any contractual free week rent is due they can utilize it
*pay what you can and what works for you financially. If that’s nothing we will figure it out.
* Once this blows over we can each sit down on a one on one basis and decide what is feasible for the individual to add to the future rent as they start working again.

One thing we all have to remember. We are all in the same boat. We do what we can for each and help where we can. But keep in mind to have a game plan of what your company can and can’t afford or you’ll be a sinking ship and that won’t be good for anyone when we get back to normal. Please remind your renters that it will be like Christmas again as soon as the flood gates open. They will be exhausted, but it will make up for everything they went through at this tough time.
I suggest letting them know your there for them and will do what it takes to make everyone successful in the end. They need the encouragement and are looking for guidence. Be healthy! Hope this helps