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I just wanted to follow-up from my last post. But first, l want to say how relieved I am that we are having a civil, honest conversation about all of this. No one was prepared for this and I’m glad to have a space to ask questions. BTC put this question out on IG and it is HEATED over there…

I had already decided to close the salon for my employees and ultimately decided that I had to close the salon to my renters too. With more information coming out about how this virus is spread, it was the only decision I could live with. And, to be honest, my last few hold-outs were relieved that I made the decision for them.

I spoke with two of my senior renters and came up with a plan that we all thought was fair and sounds like a combination of what others have said here. It has always been understood at our salon (and when I was a renter as well) that when you sign a lease to rent it is your responsibility to pay whether you work or not. Like if you take maternity leave or vacation. I do give a free week and have worked with people when they are in a bind, of course. My renters have been with me a long time, value them very much and do what I can if they ever need help.

I ran the numbers and asked for half rent now and determined that we could work out a payment plan for the other half when we come back. I also suggested that they use their free weeks. As of now, the landlord of my building is offering me nothing in the way of a break (which I totally understand as well). I do know that even this may not be feasible for them should this situation last longer than we hope and I will speak with them again and rework our plan.

I suggested that they file for unemployment immediately and they all have.

The last thing I want to add is that if I am given any relief by the government I will pass these saving along to my renters.