BTC STYLIST FORUM Salon Owner Coronavirus Discussion If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters? Reply To: If it is mandatory for salons to close do you still charge booth renters?

tracey shepherd

We are not mandatorily closed as of yet. But we are choosing to close between March 23 through April 13. So that would be three weeks worth of booth rent. Basically there are eight of us and what I did was take our actual salon rent, not including utilities because with no one there the utilities won’t really be bad they will be minimal, and I divided our rent by the number of stylists we have and divided it by 3(for the closure). And that is the rate of booth rent. Made myself as an owner I will just have to pay the utilities as they were minimal. I was included in the number of stylists. And the booth rent is considerably cheaper less than half. But as long as the salon rent gets paid collectively since that is the biggest thing and we want to have a place to go back to everyone is totally fine with it. I personally know of a few salons in our area that are charging full booth rent even if they mandate to close or decide to close, and for people that feel uncomfortable working and want to do their part they still have to pay full booth rent. I personally don’t agree with it. Because in this time we are all scared, and uncertain, and all in the same boat. Whether it is our industry or other industries. That’s just my personal opinion and what me and my salon chose to do. I am the salon owner.